I have stopped whining now. Mostly. The sunburn's too painful not to whine at least a little, especially because it seriously amuses my entire family. And it's not like I would've found out Obama was in town while he was still in town, so I wouldn't have gotten to see him anyway! Plus Ren Fest was just so fun I can't help but be cheery about the whole thing.

It's a two hour drive, which was really nice because I like driving and L hates driving so it always works out. I really, really love long drives. I think at least a little bit of the anticipation for going was the drive, and the fact that I'd be the one driving.

We got there just as it opened at 10, and spent almost the whole day there. It was really, really big. I was surprised. I knew it was big, so I don't know why. It was very nice. I loved the shopping, and the shows were fun. L didn't want to play any games, but I wanted to try the bow and arrow. I never hit the target, but I always hit something. I consider that a resounding success! My arm was killing me by the last arrow.

And I've got a few pictures of the day! Whee! )

We left an hour before it closed because L had worn boots so her dress wouldn't drag on the ground. I wasn't really surprised that about two hours into the day, her feet started to hurt. At around 4:30, though, she was done. It took us about a half hour to get from where we were to the exit. She was just so slow because her feet hurt so bad. On the drive home, she took and look and there were four blisters already. Ouch! They were not pretty.

It was fun. It was really fun. I can't believe I have never been to one before! I am definitely going again next year.
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( Aug. 31st, 2008 11:05 pm)

Barack Obama was in my hometown today and I was at the Renaissance Festival?

At the Renaissance Festival.

(Am now look like lobster.)

Why couldn't this have happened any other day? Any other?!

It was a fun day. A super fun day. I loved it. Fun, fun, fun.

It lasts months. I could've gone tomorrow! Augh! AUGH!

Also, might then not now look like lobster. Mom is vindicated. Has given panicked orders for sunscreen my whole life. Forget it one day and look what happens. LOBSTER.

Am lobster, in pain, L ended up with four blisters on her feet--WHY?!

Renaissance Festival > Sunburn + Blisters. L and I agree totally.

Renaissance Festival > Barack Obama? I... I... have to think about this. RenFest lasts MONTHS. MONTHS. AUGH.

Maybe I'll hold off posting again until I'm more rational, can accomplish complete sentences and... not in agonizing pain. I need more aloe vera.
I think the most satisfying part of work is that I can be my own little whirlwind of activity, with cars lined up in the drive-thru, counting money, bundling money, juggling deposits and withdrawals, everything just strewn across the counter--just basically insanely and crazily busy--and then at the end of the day, still come up balanced to the penny.

It's a really satisfying feeling, and makes all the frustration worthwhile.

The fair was this week. I didn't manage to get out there until Thursday, but that was okay. I honestly haven't been to the fair since either high school or middle school. L and I escorted her five year old nephew around and it was a lot of fun. I forgot how much fun the fair is.

Also how good the food is. Gimme hot dogs, fries and elephant ears over fancy stuff any day. I got home and was so full I thought I'd puke. I love fair food.

L wanted to go to watch the horse races. I saw two of them and was so bored I could not wait to go back out and check out everything else. Horse racing is okay when it gets exciting, like a real race to the finish, but I just don't see the point most of the time.

Next weekend is what I'm really looking forward to. I'm going to the Renaissance Festival! I've never been to one before, and I think it's going to be great. I have been waiting for this all summer! It's pretty much the only vacation I'm getting, and I don't think it technically counts if it's on a weekend and not even in a different state, and in fact, less than a two hour drive, and only for one day! But it's still the only one I'm getting, so I'm calling it a vacation anyway.
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( Jul. 8th, 2007 01:56 am)
Okay, so it's been over a week since I got back, and I'm only just now posting. Shame on me. But in my defense, I have been sick! I'm still sick, a little. Luckily, the worst of it didn't happen until I got back (somewhat literally--we pulled into the driveway, and I had to flee for the first of many trips to the bathroom).

Vacation was... well, there were bad parts and there were good parts. The bad parts mostly being my family, my father and oldest brother in particular, and the good parts being the location!

I have to say that when I looked at the pictures of Punta Cana, I never really thought any place could be that beautiful. I could not have been more wrong. They could've just dragged a camera around and took random candids, and they'd probably turn out just as gorgeous! The Dominican Republic is incredible. It really is. I could've stayed there forever, and just enjoyed the beautiful scenery at the resort.

I went shopping, mostly ended up with jewelry, found that I have a fascination for turtles, went swimming way more than I wanted to, decided I should've brought a bikini even if I did gain ten pounds rather than losing ten pounds (everyone wore bikinis! Even people who weighed more than me! I just ended up looking like a prudish American), learned some Spanish, drank a surprising amount of alcohol, watched live shows every night... it was a pretty good vacation, over all.

I'm not sure when I'll have the pictures up, but I will have them up eventually!
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( Jun. 23rd, 2007 04:42 am)
Well! Can't say as I ever thought I'd be up and showered quite this early, but here I am! Waiting for it to be 6am, and for us to be leaving. I'm really excited, but nervous too. I haven't been on a real vacation since I was about... god, thirteen? That'd make it ten years. Geez. I've never been on a plane, and I've never been out of the country.

That's three major landmarks in one shot! No wonder I woke up feeling as if I needed to vomit. But eating has helped, and I'm excited. XD

Guess you'll be seeing me in a week! Assuming I don't swan off and not post. But I should have lots and lots of pictures, so I will post! Probably! Hopefully!

So I am off to Punta Cana! Wheee~
When it comes to certain things, I'm lazy and laid-back. But when it comes to others, like say, packing, which requires forethought and the possibility of forgetting important things I'll definitely miss, I am as anal as they come.

I make lists, I stay organized, I do things early. Case in point! It's Thursday evening, and I'm almost done packing for vacation. No one else in my family has even started packing, but I've packed everything except little odds and ends I'm going to need today and tomorrow. I'm pretty much done.

I've been shopping, I have little lists written all over, although the only ones that aren't completed lists are the major over-all list and the list of things I need to pack last minute (so far it only has three things: iPod, contact case, glasses w/ case, but it is bound to expand!). My other lists are all crossed off.

And in the meantime... everyone else in my family is planning on starting and finishing packing tomorrow. I've had my clothes completely packed and my travel clothes hanging up since Tuesday. I packed my shoes and bathroom supplies and such today.

Even with all the lists and the early packing, I just know I'm going to forget something. Or worse yet, refrain from packing something because I think someone else is bringing it (i.e. the toothpaste that my brothers are supposed to be bringing) and then having them forget. I'm going to be haunted until we get there and the full tally of things brought and forgotten is calculated.

2 days until I'm in Punta Cana! Dominican Republic, here I come!
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( Jun. 7th, 2007 10:44 pm)
2 weeks until vacation! Off to Punta Cana! In preparation for this momentous event, Mom and I started going tanning every day in hopes that if we're already tan(ish), we won't promptly burst into flames when we get off the plane. I can now consider myself a little tan. It must, however, be noted that "a little tan" for me is probably still "pale" to everyone else.

I'm currently obsessing over Heroes, particularly the finale. I keep watching it over and over, especially the big dramatic moment in the end. I heard a lot of people thought it was anti-climactic, but I loved it. Anything with sibling love is going to be awesome in my eyes. And it made me love Nathan! I hated him throughout the entire season, and now all of a sudden he's become one of my favorite characters.

It just goes to show what a giant heroic turnaround can do.
I had a good Christmas. I hope everyone on my flist did too! Well, everyone who celebrates Christmas, anyway. Maybe I should say Happy Non-Denominational Winter Holiday to everyone else?

The best part about Christmas is the shopping. I love shopping, especially difficult shopping, and shopping is most difficult when you're buying for someone else. It's great. And even better, the shopping isn't over after Christmas! After Christmas is when the returns and exchanges start. I love returns and exchanges, and lucky for me, I have to do a lot of them. Christmas is such an awesome holiday--that is, the materialistic side of it. I have little to no opinion on the religious side, being not very religious.

Also, as of yesterday, I finally learned what my family is doing for our last family vacation. On June 23rd, my family will board a plane for Punta Cana! Wheeee! I am so excited. I've read the brochures, I've seen the flight info, I've looked over the map... I am so very approving of Dad's choice.

In light of this new information, I have pretty much decided I'm going to put all my Christmas money toward a membership at the Y, and start working out again. I am so very determined to wear a bikini and look good doing it.
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( Aug. 14th, 2006 11:16 am)
Dad has narrowed our next-year-vacation down to Cancun or Curaçao. Probably. I'm leaning towards Cancun, because one of the three resorts he's considering has free visits to Mayan ruins! Every day! He said he figured I'd go for that one, and it's the one he's leaning towards too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but really, anywhere would be awesome.

I'm still taking walks every day, though since I've finally, finally got my sleep schedule under control, I've changed to taking walks in the morning rather than in the evening. I can do that now since I'm actually awake in the mornings! I'm also vaguely-kinda-sorta on a diet, assuming diet is being used incredibly loosely. This is because our grocery store is remodeling and Mom can't find the snack cakes anymore. She can, however, find the fruits and vegetables, so my only real options for snacks are things like bananas and cherries. Despite all this, I appear to have actually gained two pounds. Hm. I'm not all that worried about it, because it's not the weight that matters, it's the inches. Unfortunately I haven't lost any of those, but at least I haven't gained any!

Other than exercising and eating vaguely healthy, I've been in contact with the college, and I've both changed my major and scheduled my classes. I've got to take an accounting class, ugh. I also talked to some people in the Learning Center about my wrists. I have to have my doctor fill out a disabilities form and then they can work out what I'm going to need done. Definitely someone will have to take notes for me; I can type for an hour or so without too much pain, but writing is almost instantaneously excruciating. I guess because typing uses fingers more than wrists, and vice versa for writing. I'll be able to take quizzes and tests as long as they're just multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank, but I'll have to take any essay tests in the Learning Center with a scribe. It'll be incredibly frustrating, but I don't have a choice. Even if I could work through the pain, I still can't write fast enough to finish within time.

I also need two keyboarding classes for my major (which by the way, is Medical Administrative Assistant), but the one I needed for this quarter is full. Instead of waiting, I mentioned that I'm a good typist and my advisor gave me a name and a number to call to ask about testing out. It'll be a better option in several ways, but it costs $50 just to take the test, so I'm going to have to get an idea of how likely it is that I'll pass. I'm not sure how keyboarding is graded, but I do type "properly." I was up to 70 wpm in my ninth grade keyboarding class, and I'm a whole lot faster now than I was then. I'd say at least 100 wpm, but I've never timed myself so I could be way off. Maybe I should check on that... (ETA: 90 wpm with 90-100% accuracy without splints.)

I need to call about testing out today, and I also need to head over to the eye doctor to have my glasses adjusted. I mentioned a few weeks ago that my left eye was bothering me and I was wearing my glasses more, but it's been a few months and my eye hasn't gotten any better. At this point, I'm wearing glasses more than contacts and I hate wearing glasses. I'm going to talk to my regular doctor about my dry eyes to see what he says, and then assuming he can't do anything, I'll make an appointment with the eye doctor. But about my glasses, I've been really annoyed because while they fit, they don't sit on my nose the way I like and so I'm constantly straining my eyes. I haven't had eye strain this bad in years. I'm not sure if it's that they're not sitting the way I like them, or I'm not used to wearing glasses, but I definitely need to have something done about my eyes. Even if I get the frames adjusted and get used to wearing them, I look just awful wearing them!
Someone should really, really inform authors that "nether regions" is a term that should never be used. Ever. There should be some kind of public service announcement. I see it once in a while and it makes me laugh out loud every time.

Thank god, usually it's not in smut fics. Smut authors generally use better terms than that, even if they are usually just as hysterically funny. Also speaking of smut authors, I've been coming across a rash of smut fics where the author uses "c*ck" instead of "cock." How is that any better? I'm not being rhetorical, I'd seriously like to know.

Segueing onto a completely different topic, it seems that having my little breakdown the other day was what I needed to kick my ass into gear. I've decided that I am going to Rhodes State this fall and I've picked a major. I've got to go to the Office of Admissions on Monday to deal with a few things, and I think I'll actually do it.

I also might reschedule that doctor's appointment I've put off since, oh, early June. My wrists are really bad again, and I'm worried how difficult it will be for me to take notes in class. Typing isn't too bad because the splints help, but that doesn't work with writing. My wrists cramp up after five or ten minutes when I'm writing normally. The speed at which I'd need to write notes would be absolutely impossible, and that will be a huge problem.

But I am really excited about school (well, kind of) and also because my dad told me about our vacation plans for next summer! After he and Mom went to Florida in the spring, he decided that our family needed one last family trip before... well, I guess before Brian and I move out? He wants a last hurrah, I guess. Anyway, for the first time in our lives, it's going to be a major trip. He's not sure where we're going yet, but so far he's tossed out Jamaica, the Virgin Islands and the Bahamas as ideas.

My new goal in life is to lose enough weight to look good in a bikini by next June. And maybe to get tan. And probably have long hair, but I'm only including that because I've wanted long hair since I got it cut short. In 2004, don't ask why I haven't tried to grow it out because it's a long story. If you can't tell, I'm a little bit hyper. I can't help it, I'm excited! I've never flown in a plane, I've never been out of the country, and I haven't been to the ocean since I was about twelve years old. I'm gonna be fixing all three things at once. *glee*
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( Mar. 6th, 2006 04:17 pm)
I think I would really love to go on a road trip sometime. People always say they want to go on road trips, but I've never actually known anyone who has gone on one. Maybe my friend Tiffiny, but she only went to Myrtle Beach last summer. That's not a road trip, that's a vacation. I think I'd like a road trip, too, because I've regained my love for driving long distances. The only problem is... I'd have no idea where to take a road trip to, and the most interesting way to get there with the prettiest scenery, and all sorts of little interesting stops to make along the way. That's what road trips are really all about, anyway.

There are a lot of things I want to do. It feels like I'm in some kind of hollow void waiting for something to happen. I don't like vacations, and I don't like being away from a safe harbor, but I want to be adventurous. I want to take action! I want to do something.

I want to travel--I want to go to Europe, go to Australia, go to Mexico! Not really all of those, or any of those, but somewhere that's not here. I'm not picky, I'd even go for Canada. Ontario or Quebec! Although kids usually only stick to Canada if they're under 21 but over 19.

I'd really love to go to another anime convention. I've only been to one before, ACEN 2004. Unfortunately, I'm no longer in contact with the group I went with, so I don't think I'll be able to go again. I really did love ACEN. The only possibility would be Ohayocon in Columbus, which my friend Pud has gone to once or twice, but it's a very small convention and it's in January anyway.

Actually, maybe I could see if Tiffiny wants to go on a road trip, or even just go to Myrtle Beach again. Somewhere, over the summer. I don't know if she'll go for it, but I have the money (I've actually got the money to go to Australia (because I'd have someone to stay with) or Europe (if I had someone to stay with), or something. Definitely have enough for a vacation here or a road trip, assuming we drive and stay in cheap places. I could stay in NON-cheap places, but that's just a waste of money.

Thanks to extra school loan money and a whole summer with nothing to do, it's possible to really do anything! It's just that the most likely things would be best with someone to do them with, and there is no one, and the unlikely things require more money that I should spend. It's too bad I'm not still friends with Angie.
It's been a week, and the first season of Kyou Kara Maou is at 65.6%. I don't know whether to be excited or rip my hair out in frustration. Most likely, I will go with ripping my hair out, because it's difficult to be excited over something that will take another week to be finished.

Most likely.

I'm catching up on Inuyasha! I'm really bored. Fandom-wise, I'm completely over Inuyasha. I have no idea when or how or why it happened, but it was a long time coming. I've been a fan since... god, I don't even know how long. The anime came out in... August of 2000? Fall, at least. I'm not even sure if I'm right on the year. But I got into it before that, because I can remember obsessing over it when there was a tiny little fanbase, and vague mentions that wow! There's going to be an anime! This fall! Wow! I was super excited.

I feel so old...

But not as old as I feel if I remember my Sailor Moon obsession... and then my Ranma 1/2 obsession... Inuyasha came after both of those. o.o

I think Inuyasha just got boring. Nothing ever happens. What little that does happen... means absolutely nothing in the long run. Yay. Boring. As an example, I have no idea what chapter I read last, so I just picked one. I have no idea what's going on, but it doesn't matter because Inuyasha's waving Tessaiga at some Naraku detachment (no idea what this detachment's name is, I just know it's a detachment because... well, it looks like one). And that's just like a million other chapters, so it's all good.

Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru are still awesomely sexy, though.

Mosquito bites are annoying. I suppose I'm lucky to only have two, despite the fact that I didn't go near insect repellent, and spent 75% of my time outdoors. And one's on my foot, the other's on my ankle. Hardly even noticeable. Except when they itch, and god, is that a bitch.

Jimmy makes really good brownies. I know this because I ate nearly the whole batch this weekend. I feel like a blimp.
Please leave a one-word comment that you think best describes me. It can only be one word.

No more.

(Then copy & paste this in your journal so that I may leave a word about you.)


...I'd forgotten about the bugs in showerhouses. And doors to toilet stalls that don't lock, or even close all the way. And mostly bugs. Everywhere. ALL OVER.

But other than that, it was fun. :D

Brian drove up late last night with his girlfriend, and then when they left to come home today at 2pm, I went with them. :D :D :D
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( Jun. 30th, 2005 04:53 pm)
Take the MIT Weblog Survey

That was interesting.

Whee, done with work for the day, and that means... vacation time! Technically. We're not leaving until tomorrow night.

I can't believe I'm looking forward to camping. I used to hate camping. I thought it was boring. Once I turned 18 and was allowed to stay home on my own, I stopped going. Last year, they didn't go camping at all, and I guess all that time without it has made me curious. Also, last year is when I started taking walks with my dog every day. Nature... started to appeal to me.

So I'm going camping this weekend, and I'm going to be open to changing my opinion about it. I guess I'll find out if I like it now!

You know, with all this walking outside and vacationing I'm doing, I might just get tanned. That would be horrible. Maybe. I'm going to have to be obsessive with the sunscreen! Or something.

ETA: Oh my god. I just realized that if I go camping... I'm going to have to pack for it. And then when we get back, I'll have to unpack. And unpacking doesn't just involve my stuff, it involves the entire camper. It can take hours. How could I have forgotten the unpacking?!

...is it too late to change my mind? ;_;
I'm going to be on vacation this weekend, Friday to Monday. We're going camping! So if I'm supposed to be doing something, or you need to tell me something, or... something, then do it before then! Okay? XD

[livejournal.com profile] campfuckudie has driven me to seek out yet another series, oh noes~! I'm in the process of getting the first season of Kyou Kara Maou. Whee!

And now, 'tis time for bed. I've got to be up in the morning for work. Joy of joys.


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