I feel it's very, very important to put this out there, as someone born and raised in Lima, Ohio.

The crack houses are actually on the SOUTH side.

I love that show. ♥
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( Jun. 7th, 2007 10:44 pm)
2 weeks until vacation! Off to Punta Cana! In preparation for this momentous event, Mom and I started going tanning every day in hopes that if we're already tan(ish), we won't promptly burst into flames when we get off the plane. I can now consider myself a little tan. It must, however, be noted that "a little tan" for me is probably still "pale" to everyone else.

I'm currently obsessing over Heroes, particularly the finale. I keep watching it over and over, especially the big dramatic moment in the end. I heard a lot of people thought it was anti-climactic, but I loved it. Anything with sibling love is going to be awesome in my eyes. And it made me love Nathan! I hated him throughout the entire season, and now all of a sudden he's become one of my favorite characters.

It just goes to show what a giant heroic turnaround can do.
Every once in a while, I start thinking deep thoughts. Well, deep thoughts for me which are really more like random and bizarre thoughts. I just feel better if I call them deep.

Like the other day, when I sat around for ages contemplating how exactly my family knew Jimmy was going to be tall. Almost from the moment he was born, the general consensus was, "he's gonna be tall." I have no idea why, but here we are fifteen and a half years later and Jimmy is the tallest member of the family. How did they know?

Just the same, everyone always said I was going to be short, and Brian too. I've still got my fingers crossed for a tiny last growth spurt for Bri, though. Just a half an inch--okay, maybe a full inch--and he'll be taller than me! Just taller than me, that's all I'm asking. I used to love that I was taller than him, but as he got older it got less funny. I'm inches below average height for women, I don't even like to think about how comparatively short that makes Brian.

Oh, and um, still obsessing over Supernatural, though I've gotten better about the dark. No more turning on all the lights... mostly. It comes and goes! Still, no matter how freaked out I might get, the guys are just too hot to avoid the show. Plus, there's an amazing amount of really good fic. I now have more Supernatural fic archived in my memories than anything else.

I've been coming across a bazillion quotes, too. )
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( Jan. 10th, 2006 12:18 pm)
I hate winter. I mean, I really hate winter. It's the only time of the year where 36 degrees Fahrenheit is "pretty warm." This morning, it was 27 degrees, and some people weren't wearing coats. Hell, I thought it was warm enough to go without a coat. *headdesk* Winter makes the world crazy.

Oh, and in an update--Firefly is awesome! I've seen the first three episodes, and I'm in love. The western feeling is very odd, but it's growing on me. I love the way they talk, and Kaylee! I love Kaylee. She's such a sweetie. Mal is absolutely hilarious, and Jayne... makes me laugh. A lot. I loved in "Bushwhacked" when he's totally against checking out the abandoned vessel until Mal points out that there might be valuables aboard and then he's all for it. "Yeah! No, uh... someone could be hurt." Why did he even bother to pretend? It was just too funny.

Next up, episode four! :D
The roomies and I had our weekly Supernatural viewing. God, I love that show. This week's episode was really awesome, not only because it was super scary (I had my eyes closed and my ears plugged through a good portion of the ep), but because it took place in--wait for it--TOLEDO, OHIO.

Yes, the Toledo, Ohio that would be the home of The University of Toledo, which would be my school. :D Roomie D and I were shocked silent for a good five seconds when we saw the location, and then she shrieked and blew out my eardrums. That drew the other two in pretty quickly... they would've come to watch eventually, but they were both in the middle of doing homework or something. Actually, I think Katie was on the phone.

It was one of the scarier episodes to date (at least to me), so knowing it was set in the city I'm living in made it that much worse. I never much liked the Bloody Mary urban myth, either. No way I'm going to be comfortable looking in a mirror for a while. *shudder*
So, tonight I watched Bones and Supernatural. I liked them both. Katie came out during Bones and watched it with me, but it was Supernatural that coaxed the two other girls in our suite to come out and we all watched it together. Whee! Bonding time!

Bones has David Boreanaz, which is the first mark on the pro side. It's a crime drama, which is also another mark on the pro side, and it's about forensic anthropology, something I really like, so it is a double mark on the pro side. There's snarky banter, a completely pop culture illiterate main character, sarcastic yet in tough with his emotions FBI man, and awesome science gizmos. That's like fifteen marks on the pro side, right there. The only things I didn't like were the kind of cheesy touchy-feely vengeance for the dead person emotional stuff, but I always don't like that part. I have no idea why, because I am like the most emotional person ever, especially when it comes to death. The plotline was okay, though kind of... not in depth. It seemed to focus more on the relationships between the characters. That's fine with me, though some people might not like it.

All in all, I am definitely going to keep watching it. It's entertaining and I love snarky banter. And David Boreanaz.

Supernatural is scary. It is very scary and creepy and I covered my eyes a lot. Those are CONS, dammit. I hate scary stuff, I hate it. But there were two irresistible reasons to watch: Jenson Ackles and Jason Padalecki. Oh, pretty boys, Jennie loves you so much. Separately, they are worth a couple dozen marks on the pro side, but together... they add up to at least a thousand marks on the pro side, maybe more. That much pretty in one show should be illegal, is all I'm saying. Especially in a show that's not completely crappy, plot-wise. It was scary, but also fascinating. Pretty boys alone aren't enough to make me withstand absolute terror and probable lying awake at night in fear, but pretty boys and an interesting and engaging story are. Plus, although I refuse to watch scary movies, and my fear of ghosts is nearly phobic-level, I love ghost stories. Go figure. I am one bizarre chick.

Definitely going to keep watching this, too. My Tuesday lineup is complete, just so long as they don't get cancelled, PLEASE GOD DON'T LET THEM GET CANCELLED.

Hey, if Katie asks, I can honestly tell her I've prayed today. :D These shows are doing so much for me already!
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( May. 19th, 2005 01:11 pm)
OMG!!! OMG!! I'M BACK I'M BACK I'M BACK~~~~!!!!!

Excuse me, I'll stop crying with joy any second now. Probably. Not. Probably not.

Wow, this is just wonderful. XD I had no hope... after all this time, all these reasons... it was something really, really stupid that was the problem. REALLY stupid.

The repair guy person from my internet provider came out at 10:58am this morning and my alarm was set for 11am. So it was a really good thing that the telemarketer called at 10am and woke me up early, ehh? Because while I still had wet hair, I had showered and dressed already when he got here. He was kinda cute, too, so it was a REALLY good thing. Anyway, he checked out everything while on the phone with Sprint the entire time, and eventually it was decided that it was a Sprint problem after all. Something about wiring. So he left after telling me a Sprint repairman would be coming before 7. I was... uh... NOT happy.

But the Sprint repairman came within the next hour! Around noon, actually. THAT'S when the real problems started. They'd told him to check for Sync and... Surf? Whatever, something like that. The problem was that we'd always HAD those. Always. Meaning we SHOULD have had internet, but we didn't. It was absolutely pointless for him to check those. I called my internet provider, and for the next half an hour, it was some sort of four-way conversation. I was telling the repairman what the person from my internet provider was telling me, only the person from my internet provider was talking to her manager who was talking to someone from Sprint. Oh, and the repairman was occasionally on the phone from someone ELSE from Sprint, too, so it was pretty interesting for a while. Eventually, they figured out that... well, something about channels.

We were supposed to be on channel 24, but records showed we were on 23. They decided that must be the problem, and the repairman left to go down the road and switch us back to channel 24. Tada~! It worked! We'd gotten explanation after explanation and problem after problem... finally it's working. Yay~! And we have a new modem, too. How cool! I feel sorry for that repairman... he got an earful of happy Jennie squeals when I realized my homepage was showing up.

In reality, I'm slightly bitter. I spent the last few days addicted to TELEVISION. Lifetime movies~! Danielle Steel movies~! (OMG the one about the missing baby and the evil dad and the hot FBI inspector was mind-numbing, yet strangely enjoyable) I even--oh, this is just rich--went GROCERY SHOPPING with my mother to relieve the boredom. I do not GO grocery shopping with my mother. If I have to go, I go by myself. Any kind of shopping with my mother is enough to make me want to pull all my hair out, but grocery shopping is a new, more evil kind of horror. She can take TWENTY MINUTES to decide if she wants grapes. And then if she does want grapes, she'll take another ten minutes deciding which kind, and then another ten minutes deciding which bag. Shopping with my mother is NOT FUN, okay? I was that bored.

Well... I did get the gardening done with her that I've been promising to do. We've got nearly all the flowers planted. I guess it's a good thing that I could get that done when I had nothing else I'd rather be doing. That was a small plus.

But the number thing I did for entertainment was have conversations with my dog. Yes, conversations. We've reached a new level of closeness. I cannot love her even more than I do now! Except for that argument we had about how she wouldn't look at me. What was that about? Anyway, she followed me around everywhere and Mom found it incredibly endearing. Unfortunately, in the ten minutes I've been back online, Ginger has gone back to loving the couch more than me. Traitor... even if I have gone back to loving the computer more than her.

I'm so never watching "Judging Amy" ever again. That show is so addictive it isn't even funny. I've seen like seven episodes in the past few days.

So yeah, I'm excited and rambling and none of you are subjected to my squeaky, high-pitched ugly voice any more~! Yay! [livejournal.com profile] angels_requiem, what are you talking about, CUTEST ACCENT? You make no sense. *bright red*

Now to catch up on my flist~! *heart*


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