[Scene: Jennie is in the kitchen with her mother and her youngest brother... who is peeling a hard-boiled egg (and incidentally, also taunting the dog with it).]

Jimmy: Something smells funny.
Mom: It's fine.
Jimmy: No, you're-- ...fine.

*short pause*

Jimmy: Um.
Me & Mom: ...
Jimmy: Ahaha?
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...uhhhhhhhhhh. 'kay?
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( Apr. 17th, 2006 08:43 pm)
You know what? I'm defying convention and from now on I'm going to wear a bra to bed. Because dammit, it does NOT cause cancer and it's just fucking more comfortable! I don't care if it's weird, I really don't!

It's indisputable that someone's boobs are too big when they think bras are so comfortable that they want to sleep in them.

And can someone poke me repeatedly until I start writing the fic bunny I just got? Because if I don't write it now, I'll never write it. Wait, no, don't. Wait, do. Wait--oh, hell. Do whatever you want. o.o
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( Apr. 12th, 2006 02:42 pm)
I'm wearing shorts!

Also, I would like to point out that if a building is air-conditioned, the tenants would really appreciate it if you actually turned it on, because when a building is air-conditioned the tenants tend not to invest their money in fans large enough to cool a whole room.

Just a suggestion!
Today I have learned a valuable life lesson: Never try to eat Go-Gurt (yogurt in a tube!) on no sleep just after you've gotten out of the shower, for you will inevitably overdo yourself trying to get the yogurt and SPRAY IT ALL OVER YOUR FACE, CLOTHES AND OF COURSE, ALL IN YOUR HAIR.

Katie's comment: "Well, at least now we know it's possible to take your eye out with yogurt. I didn't think it was, but you've proven it."

I haven't laughed so hard in ages.
Family is odd. Little bits of the worst and best of one another all mixed together into different combinations. It's so odd how the same gene pool can produce such radically different results.

I have Dad's hair, Mom's eyes, Dad's facial structure and Mom's body type. I have Mom's tendency for overemotional reactions and Dad's sarcastic yet playful nature. I have Dad's headaches, Mom's bad back and Dad's weak stomach.

I'm lazy, which is unique to me. I'm a reader, which is unique to me. I'm a dreamer, which is unique to me. When the rest of my family chooses math and science, I choose English and Social Studies. No one but me is so completely lacking common sense.

It seems to work out well most of the time.


That was a really long introduction into an exchange from the family Christmas party I had over two weeks ago and forgot to mention. After twenty minutes of explaining why being a manager is the worst idea in the entire world, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Greg finally got to the point of the whole conversation.

Aunt K: Don't ever be a manager, Jennie. It's the worst job in the world.
Me: Oh, I won't! I'm really lazy and I have no ambition.
Uncle G: ...
Aunt K: ...
Uncle G: ...it is good that she knows that about herself.
Aunt K: ...

For the rest of my life, I will always remember the look of appalled fascination on their faces. I'm going to treasure it.
I love my brothers. I really, truly love my brothers. The reason isn't often easily apparent, especially when they're being idiots, but they're really quite loveable.

Take earlier today for example. While having a verbal spat, Jimmy responded to one of Brian's taunts with the oh-so-clever "your mom!"

...huuuuuuuuuge collective facevault there.

Bri: Jimmy. We have the same mother.
Jim: Uh...
Bri: You did that yesterday too! Three times! *turns to me* He kept doing it over and over!
Me: You know what? He said that to me last week.

Brian took the opportunity to harass Jimmy about his poor comeback choice, using creative parodies of Jimmy's voice. It was really quite lovely, and completely reminded me why I adore the two of them.
It started with Jimmy informing me of a disturbing fact I hadn't known BUT SHOULD HAVE )

And then I started talking to Brian! )

And in conclusion, I'm left wondering, "why am I the only person in my family who can type, spell and use proper grammar?"
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( Nov. 1st, 2005 06:52 pm)
Netta, NaNoWriMo is NOT CALLING ME. It's NOT. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.

It's too late to start. WAY TOO LATE. And since I'm posting to LJ and putting it in indelible ink (so to speak), you can stop screeching at me in IM.


ETA: ...Netta had me mostly talked into it, except for the common sense that held me back from agreeing (exams, papers, homework!), but then Eve came at me with NaNoWriMo-redux and got me the rest of the way.

They're evil, wicked women and... and... I hate them both. Unfortunately, even if I hate them, I've still just agreed to write 50K in either December or January. Holy shit. @_@


The saddest part is that I was convinced in just a half an hour's time. I'm so easy. ;_;
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( Oct. 20th, 2005 07:56 pm)
...why does Jimmy always get offline right after I start a chat with him? ;_; Wrrrrrrrrry?!
My grandparents came to visit earlier tonight, while Dad was watching Nascar. So while we talked, we were all watching the race.

Me: Hey, mass pit stop.
Grandma: My favorite part is watching them servicing the cars.
Me: ...*CHOKE, stifling laughter VERY BADLY*
Mom: ...
Grandma: What?
Me: NOTHING. *points suddenly* Oh my god, what's that?!
Dad: ...that guy's driving with the gas can still hanging off his car.
Me: *collapses into hysterics*

I love my family. So, so much. ♥
Why do my precious nails keep breaking? I finally grow them long and take care of them and wear nail polish to match my clothes, and now they break. Four broken this week, after so long! ;_; Oh, how I am tortured. No, seriously. SERIOUSLY.


(They're dark blue right now, squee!)

No one knows my pain.
Someone, who shall remain forever nameless *cough*NATHAN*cough* just sang (typed) "Puff the Magic Dragon" to me.

What did I do to deserve that?
I think it is a testament to my maturity that that I'm not totally freaking out and screaming, "IDONTWANNAGOICHANGEDMYMINDMOMMYSAVEME!!!"

No, instead of being a ball of quivering anxiety and depression, I'm more looking forward to school than anything. Crippling anxiety, I have defeated thee! Well, okay, the meds may have helped a little, but whatever.

This brings the score up to:
Anxiety - 1,313
Jennie - 1

I will so catch up.
Doesn't anyone love me?!

(Translation: Mom bought a stinky, used mini-fridge for $20, and she wants me to clean it.)
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( Jul. 5th, 2005 07:30 pm)
Everyone needs to try out [livejournal.com profile] angels_requiem's Random Pairing Generator for Naruto. She's got a LOT of characters listed. Some, I think, are not characters at all, but inanimate objects or... things I don't want to contemplate.

OMGWTF IT IS SO DISTURBING. I just got... Bug Clones/Orochimaru.


Ooh, now it's Sasuke's dad and Udon! Clearly, that's a pairing written in the stars.

I should really try to write some of these... except I think I'd have to kill if I tried. There are no amount of pills in the world that could drown out the horror I'd get from writing...




Is it really wrong that I can actually think of a setup for that?
Here is some of my beautiful, wonderful mother's wisdom on this, her special honorary day as a mother~!

While we're both getting ready:

Me: *grabs curling iron to take to other bathroom, because Mom is brushing her teeth*
Mom: No, stay! I'm walking away! WALKING AWAY! Like you should do when there's bad stuff! Like Stabler* should do! JUST WALK AWAY!
Me: ...are you accusing me of something?
Mom: No, I'm just saying.

* She's referring to a character from Law and Order: SVU.

While I'm getting ready:

Mom: Ginger! *talking to dog, who is doing absolutely nothing but staring at us* You're a menace to society! A menace, do you hear me! *giggles*

Asking her opinion:

Me: How's the back of my hair look?
Mom: *messes with a curl* I don't know, how is it supposed to look?
Me: ...I don't know. GOOD?

And now I'm late for church. ACK!