I had a good Christmas. I hope everyone on my flist did too! Well, everyone who celebrates Christmas, anyway. Maybe I should say Happy Non-Denominational Winter Holiday to everyone else?

The best part about Christmas is the shopping. I love shopping, especially difficult shopping, and shopping is most difficult when you're buying for someone else. It's great. And even better, the shopping isn't over after Christmas! After Christmas is when the returns and exchanges start. I love returns and exchanges, and lucky for me, I have to do a lot of them. Christmas is such an awesome holiday--that is, the materialistic side of it. I have little to no opinion on the religious side, being not very religious.

Also, as of yesterday, I finally learned what my family is doing for our last family vacation. On June 23rd, my family will board a plane for Punta Cana! Wheeee! I am so excited. I've read the brochures, I've seen the flight info, I've looked over the map... I am so very approving of Dad's choice.

In light of this new information, I have pretty much decided I'm going to put all my Christmas money toward a membership at the Y, and start working out again. I am so very determined to wear a bikini and look good doing it.
I woke up this morning with a mild cold. I took some DayQuil right away, but now I'm lightheaded. Not sure if it's from the medication or something else. In any case, I can't take a shower now because I'm afraid I'll pass out. I feel kind of gross at the moment.

I finished up all my Christmas shopping yesterday, as well as bought a nice outfit for Tiffi's New Year's Eve party. I also turned in a job application, but most of me is hoping that they don't call me about that. I'm not sure I can really handle working right now.

I hate wrapping presents, so now there's a huge pile of bags strewn across my bedroom floor. I feel I should do something with them, considering my brothers' presents are in the bags and they could just walk in an start looking through them, but I cannot quite work up the effort necessary for such a task.

Brian's not likely to do it anyway, and Jimmy probably wouldn't realize his presents might be out in the open like that, so they're pretty safe. Mom, on the other hand, might look through the bags for a completely different reason and stumble onto her presents by accident. That would just figure, if it happened.

God, I really want to take a shower.
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( Dec. 13th, 2006 06:36 pm)
Okay, so I lied. I lied like a lying, lying thing. I am rightly and utterly ashamed of myself. When I say I shall post more, I should follow through and actually post more. But no, not I! I am a low, irredeemable teller of untruths. I apologize from the bottom of my unworthy heart.

In lieu of all the posts I didn't make, I can assure you that I have been reading my flist! I just haven't been commenting because I really have nothing at all to say.

I am in a very cheery mood, if anyone can tell. I spent hours shopping today, and so now I have most of my Christmas shopping done. I'll have to do a few more hours shopping tomorrow, or sometime soon, if not tomorrow, but then I will be done. Yay! I like shopping a lot, but I like having things completed most of all. It'll be a great relief to know I'm all finished.

I'm not sure if I'm going down to Columbus this weekend to visit Tiffi and Brandon again. If I don't go, then I won't see them again until New Year's because next weekend is all Christmas parties. I think I'll probably text Tiffi and decide when I see what they're planning on doing. I still haven't been clubbing with them yet, so we'll see.

Brian's girlfriend Shelley is visiting. She's a sweet girl, but like all of Brian's girlfriends, makes me feel horribly inadequate because she's pretty, smart and funny. I usually hate pretty, smart and funny girls because they make me viciously jealous, but his girlfriends are also amazingly nice and I can't hate nice girls. Shelley is just as typically nice as all his other girlfriends. Also, she has amazing hair. Amazing blonde hair! I just can't win.

At least it's dyed. I think.
Whee, chili today! I love Dad's chili, it's the best stuff in the world. Lots of spices! And the best part is that I'm getting some to bring back up to school with me and I can have it whenever I want! Yes!

So, yesterday I met up with Tiffi again. After some heavy shopping (why, oh why do I ever agree to go to the mall with her? I always end up buying so much!), we went to Arby's and then back to my house to watch Serenity, which I had just bought at the mall. It was actually the only thing I was already planning to buy, so I don't feel guilty about it. I do feel guilty about the eight volumes of manga (there was a huge sale!), calendar (it was half off!), three sets of earrings (buy two get one free!), some hair clips and headband that I bought (er... they're pretty). Um. Right, anyway, I really had to do a lot of convincing to get her to watch Serenity, but she loved it so ha. :D Finally... we were going to go to a poker game, but my stomach started feeling urpy and I was tired, so I begged off.

Naturally, she made me feel as guilty as possible for backing out. I really wanted to go--and like she pointed out, I really need to socialize--but I just was not in the mood. Maybe some other time.

After she left, I read the first volumes of Negima! and MeruPuri. Negima! is all right (can we say fanservice? Yes, we can!), but MeruPuri is awesome. It's a really odd sort of storyline, but very cute and I just love it. The art is absolutely beautiful, too. I wish I'd gotten all the volumes they have out in English, but the store didn't have the second one. Dammit, the first thing I'm doing when I get back up to Toledo tomorrow is heading to the bookstore to check out their manga section.

Today, however, is errand/chore day. I have to finish up all my laundry, do my grocery shopping... er, that's basically it. But that'll take a lot of time! I also have to pick up a few odds and ends. I really want some more storage space in my room, so I want to look at some shelving units. Everyone in my suite dropped their meal plan, so we need to start buying enough food to actually keep us alive, rather than just enough food to get us by. I've been keeping my food in my dresser cubbyhole (Katie's actually using a dresser drawer), but I'm running out of room so I definitely need to see what I can find.
So it turned out that Katie was late coming home from church because her car wouldn't start. Wow, I felt like such a slimeball. Kinda. She brought a friend, N, from the bible study group that I've met a few times. N is a really nice girl, and she can eat more food at one time than anyone I've ever seen! The three of us had a lot of fun at the mall, checking out all the shops, although I couldn't find anything right for my brothers, so I didn't get any Christmas shopping done. I did get jewelry and books, though!

All this obsessing about Pride and Prejudice reminded me that I didn't like the specific version of my copy. I looked through some at Borders, and grabbed the Penguin classic version. I think I'll like it much better. I also decided it was time for me to read a few of her other works.

I'd tried reading some when I was much younger, and couldn't understand them at all. It was only after I saw the BBC movie of P&P many years later (and fell in love with it) that I was reminded to try reading P&P again. I found it absolutely delightful and much easier to understand. So when I grabbed a new copy of P&P yesterday, I also grabbed Emma. I started reading it last night. I'm five chapters in, and it seems like a sweet, charming sort of book. It was immediately apparent why I hadn't been able to follow it so many years ago; it requires an understanding of character and subtle humor that I couldn't grasp as a young teenager.
My head and neck are killing me, as usual, only on the left side, as usual. I truly despise the entire left side of my body, for I believe it despises me right back. Mom made another chiropractor's appointment for me on Wednesday, and I'm counting down the hours. If I am not able to get this pain taken care of, I'll probably end up downing pain meds like candy. I'd do it now, but they don't have any effect at all. My only hope is that taking twelve iburprofen at once (okay, maybe not quite so much, but definitely more than the 800 mg I've limited myself to in the past).

I am planning on doing some Christmas shopping for my brother's today, but I'm rather put out as Katie was supposed to come with me and she's still not back from church. I know she's usually back really late, but I'm giving her until 3pm and then I'm going without her. It's too bad, though, because I feel like such a fool walking around in a mall so much nicer than the one in my hometown.

Ack! Katie and a friend just got here, guess I'm heading off to the mall.
University Computer Center called to say my desktop's "ready to be picked up." The phrasing is not giving me a feeling of security. Still, I'm happy because I don't have to go get my car to pick it up, as one of my roomies said she'd drive me. Very awesome of her! Not until 5pm, though, because otherwise she's afraid she won't be able to find a parking spot in our parking lot anymore. It's very full.

I went to the campus bookstore because I wanted a UT hoodie, and ended up buying a UT hoodie (purple!) and some new headphones, the kind that go behind your neck. Very cool, I'm much pleased. Spent way more than I should have, though. Used up nearly all the money I had on my ID card. Oops. Now I really AM poor. I also checked out some of the books for my classes next semester. Some of them looked really interesting, like books I'd actually read just for fun. I'm really excited!

I don't think I'm going to be able to go home this weekend, unless my refund check comes tomorrow. It's kind of a disappointment, because I really need the money and I know Angie wanted me to come home and probably Mom did too. I also want to get my glasses adjusted. I just can't afford the drive until I get my refund check. I won't have enough money to pay for gas until then. Maybe next week... and fall break is the weekend after that, so I'm definitely going to have to go home then.

Major neck and back problems yet again, the same thing that was bothering me over the summer. Along with that comes the migraine-type headaches, so I really have to put in an effort to stop doing things to irritate it. I'll be able to go to the chiropracter during Christmas break, so I need to stand it until then.

Huh. Oddly enough, it seems my hip is bugging me too. It must be some sort of alignment thing, because it's the left side of my neck, the left side of my upper back, and my left hip. If not alignment, then that's some neat coincidence. Neat as in agonizing, GOD OUCH WHY DO I SUFFER LIKE THIS? Er, yeah, anyway.

Other recent health issues include: what appears to be the start of a minor cold, tendonitis flare-ups (again) in my right wrist, and I noticed the piercing in my left ear was infected when I woke up this morning (that happens a lot, though it's usually my right ear... this appears to be a bad time for the left side of my body, though).
You know, I have a sudden empathy for all the customers who've returned to the store to complain that the cashier forgot to remove the ink tags off the clothes they bought.

Even the ones who come back to complain that I forgot to remove ink tags off the clothes they bought.

It's a good thing I have a sense of humor. Just look at the tags below.
Waugh, headache of DOOM. Again. Per usual. As always? Whatever.

I worked from 10-4, but stayed an extra twenty minutes due to something that turned out to be a rather annoying misunderstanding. I need any money I can get, though, so I'm not really complaining. Much. Then I went shopping! (I have no money, you say? WHUT?) I've been planning on getting shorts and capris since early spring, I was just waiting for a really good sale. Today was a really good sale--only it turns out that shorts and capris have been on clearance for ages, and they only had three pairs of capris left in my size, and absolutely no shorts. -_-;; Augh, this is why I don't usually practice patience. Well, I've certainly learned my lesson.

I've been buying clothes for school off and on since May, so I have a bunch of stuff stashed around my room. I have to go through all of it and figure out if I want to return any of it, or keep all of it. Mom pointed out what I'd been deliberately avoiding--most of the shirts I've bought are 100% cotton, and they will shrink. I did think about that, but I just can't bring myself to buy larger clothing in anticipation of shrinkage. I just can't. What if it doesn't shrink enough? I would rather have too small than too big. *sigh* I'm going to wash one item and see if it shrinks too much--if it does, I'll exchange some things for larger sizes.

Then I got a lecture about colors bleeding in the wash, and what not to wash with what. I've been doing my own laundry for about a year, but I didn't know much. Apparently. Probably because Mom mostly explained in relation to the two corduroy items I bought today, and prior to this, I didn't own any corduroy. (You know, the whole... fuzzy animosity thing I have going.) Still, I didn't have much choice on one--the last pair of capris that fit me was black corduroy, and it looked cute, so I went with it. And the other is this adorable dark brown jacket that I fell in love with the first time I saw it. Anyway, Mom said they'll bleed pretty badly, so she told me what to wash them with.

As a reminder to myself--I need to go through everything I own and throw a bunch of shit out.


Also, after stewing about this for a week, I've decided I don't want my best friend as a best friend until she starts treating me as more than a personal convenience, thank you very much.

I'm going to inform her of this just as soon as she calls me, because I'm definitely not calling her.
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( Jun. 27th, 2005 12:17 am)
Yes! We have food in the house! Mom hates grocery shopping, so she puts it off as long as possible. When it's no longer possible to go without, she'll go to the store, but will only get a few things. So today I put my foot down and insisted that she really go shopping. I went with her to ensure this would happen! We got so much that it wouldn't fit in the trunk, so I had to fill up the back seat too. XD;; But yummy stuff!

We got our air conditioning back Saturday around noon, so all our doors and windows are firmly shut. Mom and Dad are very obsessive serious about this. All those groceries, and I had to open and close the door each time I came inside. It was not easy. There was juggling involved.

OMG I got an iced cappucino thingie OMG!! *glee*

I'm really, really tired. Really. I got about six hours of sleep at the very most the past two nights. More than likely closer to four or five hours. But... Truth or Dare thread in [livejournal.com profile] campfuckudie!! ♥ ♥ ♥

I'll go to bed soon. Probably.
I've just gotten back from the mall. Tiffi and I walked around for a couple hours, talked, made fun of stupid people... all sorts of fun things. It was great! I'd forgotten how fun she is.

Just before we left, though, she reminded me how completely oblivious I am. There were these guys at the cellular phone stand. I hate cell phone stands, especially after the last time I walked past one, I was too polite to just walk away and ended up talking to the employee for five minutes about how I didn't need a cell phone because I already HAVE a cell phone, and it was even the same company. Anyway, I don't like those stands in the mall.

So I try my best to ignore them, and if one of the guys working was looking at us, I chalked it up to evil cell phone guys who talk to me and make me miserable because I can't just walk away. Other than that, I mostly just tried to look anywhere other than that stand, because if you get eye contact, they start talking to you! Sometimes they talk even if you don't make eye contact, so I walk as fast as I can past them.

I'm wearing this really thin, really small burgundy t-shirt today. It's got a little lightning bolt just above my left breast, and it says "Metal Radio" in lightning-like lettering, and the M in Metal looks a lot like the M in the Metallica logo. It took me a second, but when one of the cell phone guys called out to me, "Metallica! I love Metallica! The M is just like Metallica" or something like that, I figured out what he was talking about. Of course, my shirt has abso-fucking-lutely nothing to do with Metallica (it's American Eagle, for Chrissakes), so I just nodded, rolled my eyes and kept walking.

Then after we were away, Tiffi says matter-of-factly, "he was looking at your breasts."

Me: "...what?"
Tiffi: "The writing is right over your boobs, Jennie. He noticed the M because he was staring at your breasts."
Me: "...oh, god, you're right."
Tiffi: "I noticed they were staring at us the first time we passed, too."

And so it's shown that I am so incredibly oblivious. That would NEVER have occurred to me. And she's right, I think he probably was staring at my breasts. Wow. I just don't NOTICE guys staring and looking at certain areas and stuff. I just don't.

...to further prove my point, I only know of like three times in my entire life that a guy checked me out, and for every one of those times, it was pointed out to me BY A FRIEND afterwards. It's actually rather sad, don't you think? Funny, but sad.