Into the home stretch! That is to say, I have one exam left tomorrow, but all my roomies are done and gone. That leaves me to clean up the suite and turn in the checkout sheet tomorrow, along with finishing up my packing, taking the exam, and trying to fit in a book buyback somewhere. I also wanted to do some checking on financial stuff, along with dropping my meal plan for next semester. Ack. Plus, my plans are to leave ASAP after I finish the exam, ideally within the hour. (That's my usual--go straight to pick up my car after my last class, load it up and then leave. It usually takes an hour.) And my exam is at 12:30. I dun think I'm gonna get all that done. Probably the book buyback and the money stuff will be sacrificed. Wah.

I'm not entire sure how I'm going to deal with the fridge defrost. The roomies left a bit of what I think is perishable food, so I just went ahead and threw it away right after the last one left. If they were hoping to get it back in January, well, oops. So not my fault.

If the PTB here at the dorms think I'm actually going to do the dusting they claim is required, they are sadly mistaken. I am not touching the dust bunnies under my desk, thank you very much. Most of them were there when I got here back in August, and considering we have to vacuum once a week or else suffer t3h dust bunnies of d00m, I'm staying far away from any dusting.

Oh, and my two exams so far have been... blah. Haven't done much studying, so I guess I should've really expected it, but that's just me. I'm slightly ashamed, but there's nothing much to be done about intrinsic parts of my personality, so I shall just live with it.

However! All of this is really nothing compared to the knowledge that by tomorrow evening... tomorrow, I will be home for a full three and a half weeks and nothing can change or delay it. Yes!
I am very bad at updating my journal lately. I don't know what it is, it seems like life is going by so fast and it's so very hard for me to keep up! It's been a very stressful past few weeks.

Wednesday night brought some conversations I've been avoiding but knew would have to happen eventually. Katie invited me to have dinner with her bible study group. )

Oh, and Katie did indeed talk to her friend about having her teach us to knit. We're going to have lessons sometime soon, probably Wednesdays after their bible study group. I'm not sure how that's going to work out for me, as I don't go to their bible study group, but I haven't asked Katie about that yet because she seemed so excited about the timing of the lessons. *sigh* Still, I'm looking forward to it, even if I think I'll be horribly bad at it.

There are only a few weeks left of the semester, and most of next week is Thanksgiving break. My last final is on December 15th. I'm so anxious right now because it feels like there's a million things I have to do and I'm forgetting every single one of them. My head has been aching worse than ever. In math class this afternoon, it felt like my head was exploding. I seriously wondered if I was going to burst a blood vessel or something similar.

Katie and I are both desperately wanting to see Pride and Prejudice, the new one with Keira Knightley that just came out, but it's not in any of the theaters around here! There's a giant 16-screen cinema in the mall not five minutes away, but it's not showing it! Nor is anywhere within twenty miles of Toledo, and not in my hometown or hers. It's driving us nuts, especially me as I've been waiting for it to come out since I first heard of it, back at the beginning of this year. Until I figure out what do to about the whole thing, I've downloaded both the US and the UK trailers for the movie, and have taken to watching them over and over. It's kind of pathetic.

Earlier this week, I found out that I had nearly a hundred dollars on my school card I could use on any of the restaurants in the Student Union, and that if I didn't use them by the end of the semester, I'd lose them. I hadn't realized I could use them on those restaurants, and I'm just beside myself at my stupidity. There's going to be a lot of eating out before the semester ends. I'm down to $90. I had Pizza Hut for dinner yesterday and lunch today, and Katie asked if I wanted to grab something at 5. Maybe we'll have Chinese or hamburgers or something. There's some cool places in the SU. Ooh, and Starbucks! I've never had Starbucks before, my hometown doesn't have one.

My head's still bothering me, and I should really take a quick nap before dinner, but I just can't bring myself to.

ETA: Oh, and I've been thinking about something I discussed with Angie. She's always wanted to visit NYC and I love NYC, so I thought it would be neat if we went there sometime over the summer. If we bring along a few other people, it shouldn't be too horribly expensive. I did some checking really quickly, we can get a whole package with plane tickets and a hotel room for a week for around $500 per person (if we have four people). Not sure if it's a GOOD package, but I'll have to bring it up with Angie the next time I see her.

It was really amusing though, when we were talking about it. Angie's driven to Chicago twice at least, so she told me that she could drive in NYC because "they can't be that different, can they?" I was too surprised to say anything except that she couldn't. She said she thought she could. I couldn't figure out how to make her believe me, so I just told her that wasn't going to happen. I think I might've laughed. :/ She seemed kind of offended... but seriously, there's no way she could ever drive in NYC.
I went grocery shopping last night with Katie. Got lots of nummy stuff (well, $18 worth of 'lots'), and then came back and watched Batman Begins with Katie and Roomie D. Lots of fun. :D

I've also worked out some rough ideas for two more of the [ profile] 3measures themes. I think I was probably overreacting when I said I'd never be able to do all nine of them. I just have to be given a slight push into writing--and being given a theme doesn't hurt, either.

I've also been thinking about NaNoWriMo-redux. I'm not sure if I want to do it, or really wait for next year to do NaNoWriMo. This is why I shouldn't make decisions on the fly, I always end up second-guessing myself. I compromised by deciding if I can come up with some sort of vague plot, then I'll do it this year. I really should try, because there's no telling if I'll be agreeable to writing next year at all.

I really need to do my laundry--it's 55 degrees Fahrenheit outside, and I'm wearing a t-shirt and capris for lack of anything else--because I've been putting it off all week, but it's Saturday and the washers are probably all being used. I'm going to wait until my hair dries, and then go down with some laundry anyway. It'll be a pain in the butt if I just have to come right back up, but I really have to get it done.
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( Oct. 12th, 2005 05:32 pm)
1.) HA, grades are still on track. Today I found out the results of my second math and French midterm exams. In French, I managed a 99%! It was originally 98.75% because she thought I hadn't put both accents in stéréo, but that was because it touched the crossing of the t. They were both so there, and that boosted me up to a 99%. And in math, I did even better. Perfect score, baby! 100% all the way! XD I have no idea how that happened, especially since I missed a couple classes and never bothered to learn what they did those days. I totally expected that, because I am just that awesome!

I am so still on track for getting all As, just like I wanted. I've never done it before, but I'm halfway through the semester and I'm still not even close to getting a B in any of my classes. This is really helping my stress levels stay really far down. I haven't been so unstressed since... since... well, EVER. There was a brief moment two weeks ago that'd be why I missed those math classes, but all better now. :D

2.) Did I ever get around to saying anything about the two new roomies I got last month? My dorm room is a suite, so there's two bedrooms connected to a living room. Katie and I have one, and the the other two have the other one.

There's Roomie D, who's really nice and very friendly. She's also pretty talkative, incredibly funny and great to hang around with! I like her a lot. She's a pharmacy major, so she does a lot of studying. The one word that best describes Roomie D is: loud. Then there's Roomie S, who is also a pharmacy major and also spends a lot of time studying. She's really shy, but also very nice once she starts talking! She and Roomie D are just hilarious together; they constantly tease one another. The one word that best describes Roomie S is: quiet. Basically, Roomie D and Roomie S seem to be complete opposites!

All in all, I think I made out okay in the roomie lottery. Katie and I have our tense moments when our conflicting belief systems clash, but it hadn't affected our rooming situation negatively. We're very similar in our property and personal space issues. We do have completely opposite schedules, though. She's up at 6am every morning and asleep sometimes as early as 9pm, and I'm never up before 10am (when I have a choice) and I sometimes don't go to sleep until 3am. Still, it hasn't affected our rooming situation either! She can fall asleep with me still puttering around, and I can sleep through her morning routine.
The roomies and I had our weekly Supernatural viewing. God, I love that show. This week's episode was really awesome, not only because it was super scary (I had my eyes closed and my ears plugged through a good portion of the ep), but because it took place in--wait for it--TOLEDO, OHIO.

Yes, the Toledo, Ohio that would be the home of The University of Toledo, which would be my school. :D Roomie D and I were shocked silent for a good five seconds when we saw the location, and then she shrieked and blew out my eardrums. That drew the other two in pretty quickly... they would've come to watch eventually, but they were both in the middle of doing homework or something. Actually, I think Katie was on the phone.

It was one of the scarier episodes to date (at least to me), so knowing it was set in the city I'm living in made it that much worse. I never much liked the Bloody Mary urban myth, either. No way I'm going to be comfortable looking in a mirror for a while. *shudder*
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( Oct. 2nd, 2005 05:13 pm)
Whee, did about three weeks' worth of laundry today! I feel so productive! :D Spent all my cash doing it, though. Now I have about two dollars to my name instead of six.

...well, at least I have clean clothes as a consolation...

Last night, Katie and I went over to a friend's house (friend of Katie, though I like her a lot) and had a small Star Wars marathon! The friend and I had both seen them a lot, but Katie had never seen them. Watching her reaction to certain things (she'd been spoiled on the biggies) was just priceless.

And we had regular popcorn, caramel popcorn and candy apples, so that was cool too. :D

Then afterwards, I got attacked urged by the two of them to attend the church they go to. Eep. Held them off with claims of loving my own church, and not feeling comfortable in non-Catholic churches. Then I distracted them by mentioning the priest at my church is liberal. The friend wanted to know how he was liberal... In the face of all this attention to my religious activities, my mind went blank and I couldn't really remember the obvious points of his liberalism. Eventually I managed to supply a pretty lame answer of his views on remarrying after divorce.

(Remembered later, told Katie he thinks the church should allow priests to marry and maybe even allow female priests. That's the BIG one, anyway. If I'm remembering correctly, he's not totally against homosexuality, either, but I didn't tell Katie that.)

After we came back to the room, Katie and I had a long discussion on our religious beliefs. I was kind of creeped out by the ferver of her explanation of the Holy Spirit, which I'd mentioned I'd never quite understood. Actually, I was kind of creeped out by the ferver of everything she talked about.

I fudged the truth a lot, or at least didn't let on how apathetic I am about religious matters. I didn't lie, but I definitely played up what I thought she'd accept. I still wasn't quite up to her... um... expectations of what a Christian should be, and she probably thinks I'm going to hell for not being as good as her (as a Christian, I mean), but at least she's not openly disapproving.

I couldn't stand dealing with the open hostility disapproval I'd get from uncensored honesty. Silent disapproval is good. I can be okay with having it be unspoken.
My heart is pounding like I just ran ten miles. Katie and I had our first disagreement.

I knew it would happen, especially since we have very different belief systems. It doesn't help that we each regard the other's belief system in a negative light. Still, we'd been getting along wonderfully, so it was a bit of a shock.

Not as much of a shock as what we disagreed about, however. We disagreed about something I never truly imagined possible to disagree about. It's something I feel incredibly strongly about, and... her opinion on it made me want to scream obscenities at her until I lost my voice.

We disagreed about rape. Or more accurately, we disagreed about whether women who are raped are sometimes 'asking for it.' She thought some are; I was too horrified to properly explain that I do not believe that.

Am I naïve to be so stunned? I must be. Still, behind my disbelief was a feeling of cynical vindication. Vindication that my fears about her religious beliefs were not irrational. I wasn't wrong in the certainty that it would be a problem, a major problem.

I just wasn't expecting the first problem to be something to utterly... horrific.

In retrospect, it's a stupid thing to have a conversation about. But a question was asked, and I thought the answer was blindly obvious. Why are college girls told not to walk alone at night? I thought it was important to answer that, because it's important to understand that. Isn't it?

She didn't seem to think so. She thought it was silly. She doesn't believe in expecting the worst, she believes in acting as if the best will happen. It was something to that effect, anyway. I didn't agree with that. With every fiber of my body, I did not agree. I may roll my eyes at my mother every time she brings up things like that (which she does, a lot), but I do understand and I do listen, and having a mother that constantly worries about me, constantly warns me about unsafe situations is something that I should be incredibly grateful for. It's something that I am grateful for. I am naïve, I always have been. My mother is a ditz. She is silly and flighty and an airhead, and I inherited all that from her, but she has never been naïve, and when it is important, she won't let me be naïve either.

So, despite my naïveté, I do not expect the best of people. I wish it, but I am not stupid enough to expect it. It was my mother's mantra, and I learned it very well. It was hard not to, since she's been drilling it into my head since the day I was born, and that is not an exaggeration.

My mother also didn't raise me to be rude, so I didn't tell Katie that I thought she was a moron for believing that. Sadly.

That wasn't even the disagreement. Oh, no. That would've been too easy. I'm not sure how the conversation even degenerated the way it did, because it's not exactly a light conversation topic had with someone you barely know.

But it did degenerate, and that's when the real difference of opinion became obvious.

I told Katie that I tended to look on the subject of personal safety in that kind of situation as very important, because more than half my friends from high school had experience with sexual abuse of some kind, whether rape or molestation or something else. I cannot be so blasé because I know it happens. It's real.

She laughed and smiled, just a little, and my heart turned over in my chest. I knew whatever was coming would be bad.

I was right.

"Yeah, well, you also said most of your friends wanted to get pregnant, so I don't think they really count."

That... That, assuming it is even relevent to the conversation, which I do not believe it should be, was not true. Oh, it had a ring of truth. A few days ago, I'd mentioned a friend of mine who got pregnant our senior year of high school. She had wanted to get pregnant, for as long as I'd known her. She was just one girl, just one girl with a stupid misconception and optimistic short-sightedness. Everyone else tried to talk her out of it, tried everything possible to change her mind, but we failed. The only promise we ever managed to extract out of her was that she wouldn't actively try to get pregnant. We knew it was an empty promise, because she didn't use protection. She claimed she didn't believe in it. So yes, she got pregnant. And as every single one of us in our group of friends expected, this friend regretted it almost immediately. Every time I looked at her our senior year, I could see the look of utter terror in her eyes, and I wanted to cry.

But it was not relevant to the conversation. I knew it wasn't, and I still know it. Even if I had a hundred friends who thought it was a brilliant idea to get pregnant in high school, that has FUCK ALL to do with whether they'd been molested or raped, and as far as I'm concerned, every godamned person on Earth should be aware of that.

But that wasn't even the part of the conversation that upset me. No, what really upset me was what came next, after I corrected Katie. My voice was already shaky.

"It was one friend. And what does that have to do with anything?"

She dodged the question, and altered the conversation a bit, still with that little smile on her face. "Still, you know, if you look at what clothes some kinds of girls wear, they're really asking for it. You can't really blame them, not that it makes it okay, but sometimes... well, you know."

Just in case it wasn't clear, by 'them' she meant the rapists.

The fuck? So, if I walk around in, say, a backless shirt and a miniskirt, I'm asking to be raped? Well, holy shit, I'm going to start dressing like a goddamned Catholic schoolgirl. Can't possibly be asking for it then! Unless some guy with a Catholic schoolgirl fetish comes along, and then I suppose I was asking for it then, too.

If it had been any other person in the world except my roommate, I would have started screaming. I would have screamed myself hoarse. I would have had to restrain myself from physical violence. But it was my roommate, and even though my shock and fury, even though I was literally trembling, I knew better than to continue the conversation, because then I wouldn't have been able to stop myself if it had gone on much longer. That would have made for a very awkward living situation, and also, we were walking outside in a public area.

So, voice clearly unsteady, I told her that we should stop talking about it immediately, because I did NOT agree with what she had just said and that continuing the conversation would just lead to bad things.

She seemed amused, but agreed to end the conversation in a tone of voice that clearly implied she thought I was being ridiculous. I didn't respond, and that was the end of the conversation.

I would just like to say that if I was being ridiculous, I would like someone to tell me.

Right now.
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( Sep. 6th, 2005 07:02 pm)
If there is one problem with having a roommate after 21 years of having my own room, it's that I have the worst quirks in the world. At least, that's what my parents always told me. Mostly just because when I read, I react. If I'm reading a sad fic, I will cry. Occasionally, I will bawl my eyes out until I get so stuffed up I can't breathe and end up with hiccups for an hour or two. If I read a romantic fic, I'll giggle and squee and (when I was at home and not self-conscious) run in circles around the entire house.

If I read something funny, I will laugh, and that's the real problem. I haven't really read anything sad, because there aren't very many good ones around, but there ARE a lot of funny fics and I seem to be finding them in abundance lately.

The whole point of this is that last night, my roomie went to bed before me. I was still on my computer, and I found a funny fic that I just had to read. At home, I never had to stifle my laughter. Oh, at night, I did a little, but it's not exactly the same as having someone asleep in the same room. Consequently, I'm horrible at stifling laughter.

So, I'm reading a funny fic and there's this priceless line--completely hysterical and just perfect for the fic--and even though the whole fic was a parody and it had been incredibly funny all along, that one line caught me off guard. Completely off guard, and I reacted.

Oh, I didn't LAUGH, exactly, because I still had enough sense to be quiet, but it was too funny and I couldn't hold it in. I made this horrible noise that was a mix between a choke, a snort and a sneeze. It was, um, unique, to say the least. I had to hold my breath for a full minute, with my eyes closed so I couldn't see the computer screen, before I was sure I could keep myself from laughing for real.

I don't know if she heard me, but now I'm totally worried I'll do something like that when she's awake and cannot possibly miss it. Or read a sad fic and start crying. It is one thing for my family to be totally weirded out by, say, completely unexpected shrieks of laughter coming from my room, but it is completely another to have my roomie think I'm insane. Or creepy.

But you know, as problems go, this is about as minor as it can get. Also, pretty funny.
Back at school again! Drive up was fine, unpacking was fine (even if it's really hot outside), everything's fine.

Except that my computer's not fixed after all... Last night, I left it on all night long, downloading something, and when I checked it this morning, it was frozen again. Then before I left, it froze again when I wasn't downloading anything at all. It just figures. Brian had gone to work before I woke up, so I couldn't have him look at it... not that I thought he'd be able to do anything about it.

At least now I know that it's not anything with the temp files, because Brian totally cleaned those out for me. The computer isn't finding any problems at all.

I'll just wait until I get the refund check from my loan, and go out to find a computer repair shop. Hopefully they will be able to figure out what's going on.

Oh, and Jen's moving out of our suite. Complete surprise to me... I'm really sad about that. Hopefully we will still hang out sometimes, because I like her a lot. I'm closer to Jen than Katie, but I'm glad Jen is the one moving out because I don't want to have to deal with a new roommate. Two new suitemates is far preferable to that.
Update on my first week of classes! )

This morning Jen woke me up just after 9... to tell me that she'd locked herself out of her room when she went to take her shower. She was standing around in a towel while I got dressed and went down to the information desk to ask for a key for her. I was torn between amusement and empathy for her embarrassment... I can just imagine doing that in the future. But fortunately for me, I can just wait for Katie to come back and unlock the door. Jen doesn't have a roommate, so she didn't have that option.

For anyone who's wondering about how I'm dealing with my roommates after I spent so long complaining about them... yeah, I should've just kept my big mouth shut. We're all getting along great, and Jen's already a pretty good friend. I think I'm pretty lucky in my roommates, they're both nice and easygoing.

I will just die if Katie ever finds out I went around calling her "the psycho roomie". I will just DIE. I feel so horrible about that it isn't even funny. It certainly taught me not to label people before I even meet them! I learned new levels of feeling like the crappiest person alive.

Also, when someone has a dry erase board on their door, it would be really nice if other people didn't write rude remarks on it and steal their dry erase markers that they PAID FOR SEPARATELY BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T LIKE THE ONE THAT CAME WITH THE BOARD. Just a random observation, of course, and not at all from a personal experience of some kind.

In other news, Katie and I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and I bought a dry erase board to put on the door. I also got an extra dry erase marker because I wanted a nicer one than what came with the board.
Whee, so everyone's all moved in. Katie seems nice enough, and it's certainly good not to have a half-empty room. I definitely prefer a room full of stuff.

Classes start tomorrow... my first class isn't until 1pm, so I get to sleep in! Wheeeeeee!

Computer is under control, most likely will have to reformat, but I'm going to call the campus computer people when I get a chance, to see if they can help at all.

I've got a gigantic headache right now, so I'll just end the entry on that note. :D
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( Aug. 20th, 2005 12:21 am)
Today I went shopping with my roommate to get a bunch of stuff for our suite. Jen and I (she's the one in the other bedroom, Katie still hasn't moved in yet) went to Wal-Mart first, and got rugs and soap and all sorts of neat things. I picked up a coffee pot, too, on the advice of [ profile] catwho! Hee, I've always wanted a coffee pot... not that I actually drink coffee. But it can be used to make ramen, and cappucino, and Jen likes tea, so it will come in handy a lot, I think.

I also picked up a Chlorox ReadyMop, because the floors? Disgustingly dirty. After we got back, I mopped the entire place. Used up almost all the pads the mop came with, if that tells you anything, and I still didn't get the whole place. It's not that big a suite, seriously. After I had it all mopped, I set up my room and the living room, and... well, now it actually feels like someplace I can stand to live in for the next nine months.

Computer was freezing almost constantly today, every time I tried to open IE, but I ran a few programs, cleaned out the temporary internet files and stuff, and now it's letting me on. I hope that works... at least now if I disappear for a while, you'll all know why!
So... it turns out that she's a grad student! So we have one 24 year old grad student (Jennifer--yes, same name as me), one 21 year old transfer freshman (me!) and one 18 year old freshman (Katie). Interesting mix, there. We're not sure if there's going to be anyone else... it's looking towards no, but there's still a chance. She's already moved in, so I got some info on the rooms, it answered some questions about what I need and don't need.

I'm actually incredibly relieved that she's a grad student... like Katie and I, she's not going to know anyone because she went to a different school. She's older than me, which is nice because I was worried that I'd be stuck with two teenagers that might consider me old... and because I deal better with older girls than younger girls. Most of my friends from work are around her age.

She's already moved in, and she says she's got a microwave and a full-size fridge already there, so I guess we're not going to be needing my microwave and little mini-fridge... less to haul up there, I suppose. And I don't have to worry lofting my bed up, because she says they're already lofted. I guess we'll see if I like that arrangement when I get there.

...also... why don't I have enough outlets to plug my speakers in? Because having not being able to listen to music is driving me bonkers.
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( Jul. 30th, 2005 05:39 pm)
If you've decided you want to get to know your suitemates before going away to school and only have their phone numbers... wouldn't the best place to call be a quiet room where you can sit down and talk comfortably for as long as you need to?

Not, say, an incredibly loud concert? other completely and absolutely unrelated news, the girl from the other room in my suite just called. For various inexplicable reasons, it was a short conversation.
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( Jul. 29th, 2005 02:06 pm)
Is it wrong that I feel guilty for repeatedly referring to my roommate as "that psycho"? Because I totally do.

I'm trying to keep an open mind. She might be fine to live with. I might even like her! I am not ruling that out at all, and I'm still hoping for the best.

But I'm almost positive she's a complete psycho, so my morale is not so high. (What? I said I felt guilty, not that I'd stop.)

She does seem really nice (and even more idealistic than I am). She's donated her hair to Locks of Love sometime in the past, which I really think is a great thing to do. She said that this week she's taking care of her friend's dad, who is going blind and has trouble getting around. She says it will be fun because he has great stories to tell!

She sounds like a saint, actually, but she is nothing compared to my cousin, so I am unmoved. Mostly.

I really do appreciate other people's opinions and beliefs, too. There is nothing much wrong with creationism. It is a person's perogative to believe what they want. My horror had more to do with the way she said it. Plus, I can't really think badly of someone for being religious, because I'm kind of religious. I mean, not really, but I go to church, and I did make sure to find the Catholic church nearest to the school. My own grandmother is very religious--I have no problems with religious people. I'd like to be more religious, myself! I just have trouble with blind faith and trust, so it doesn't quite work for me.

I really do feel guilty, and want to think the best of her. I want to think I'll like living with her, I want to think we'll at least like each other.

...but I am almost positive that she is a total psycho.
Username has been changed for my personal amusement her protection. Her actual nick had something to do with converting people to her psycho ways religion.

We'd talked a couple of times, and I was just getting to think she'd be okay... a little religious and perfect, but normal-ish, and then there was this:

Psycho Roomie says: let me tell you this when someone asked me how i knew that we didnt come from a giant explosion and then a puddle and monkeys i didnt know what to say because i just balieved but the bible says to be prepared to give an answer as to why you believe. Not to have blind faith so i asked my youth pastor and he told me to look at an artist. He paints with emotion or they play the piano with emotion..
Psycho Roomie says: an explosion could not create emotion like we have
Psycho Roomie says: if you ever have any lind of question no matter what it is i would be happy to help you find an answer because if it is something i dont know we both benefit from the answer
Jennie says: Okay.

(Instead of "okay," I was actually thinking something closer to "OH GOD SAVE ME FROM THE CRAZY PSYCHO," but I thought she might be a little hurt if I said that.)

And what did my dear friend Eve have to say about this latest conversation? )

Someone please tell me this email isn't as crazy as I think it is )

So far, the everyone I've shown her email to has laughed at me at least a little, but these people went above and beyond in their amusement: Mom, Keryn, Brian and Dad.

After Mom finished laughing, she cheerfully told me at least she doesn't have to worry about my roommate doing drugs or inviting guys over, and that she definitely won't get me involved with the wrong crowd. NO, MOM, JUST AN INSANE CROWD. THAT IS JUST SO MUCH BETTER.

Dad has gone so far as to laugh hilariously every time he sees me, with a giant shit-eating grin. "You never know what you're going to get," he says. "That's why Brian's rooming with Kiel!" YEAH, DAD, I GET THAT NOW. UNFORTUNATELY, I CAN'T EXACTLY ROOM WITH KIEL, CAN I?!

Keryn tormented me, and Brian gleefully wished me good luck. I hate you all. ;_;

ETA: Excuse me, I forgot Eve. I am so sorry! I can't believe I forgot Eve's evil mocking. ;_; I mean, it's what she does best. :P
I think I forgot to say something about it, but due to recent... um... communications, I think my roommate might be psycho. More on that later, right now I have other stuff to talk about.

Earlier today, I realized I had yet to show my brother the email from my crazy roommate, so I ran off to do that. As expected, he thought it was hilarious (his ill-concealed grin and snickers made that obvious enough) and he told me good luck.

Then it got weird... I stuck around to talk to him, and we ended up talking for two or three hours straight, just the two of us. Mom, Dad and Jimmy were away for the weekend. It was weird, but nice. Mostly we just talked about college stuff, but other various things too. Like his best friend Kiel's African hunting trip. I now know way more than I ever wanted to know about hunting licenses. I've seen pictures, too. I have never in my life wanted to see pictures of murdered animals.

Brian found that funny, too.

But! Then! We were discussing computers, what he's been looking at and my thoughts on how I could wheedle Dad into buying me a monitor, and I was looking through this computer magazine Dad got. It's called the College Buying Guide or something. I'd actually sort of changed my mind about getting a desktop and was looking at laptops, but then! Then! I saw something I really liked.

So now I'm thinking about getting an Apple iMac G5. It has everything I want in a computer, and it's cool looking, and Brian approves. That's all three of my qualifications! ("Everything I want" just counts as one qualification, really.) Plus, the monitor is the computer, so I would totally have no more monitor problems. Now I just have to hope Dad will agree to get it for me... it's $1,200, and you get a free iPod mini. That's a good deal! It's just an AWFUL lot of money. @_@ Brian says he doesn't see why Dad wouldn't get it for me, though. I'm hoping he's right!

I do have to catch Dad alone before I ask him, though, because I'm not sure if he's told Mom he's buying us computers. I can't see Mom being okay with that, and the fact that she hasn't attacked me to complain speaks very strongly that he hasn't told her yet. My hope is that she won't find out until after they're ordered. :D That way she can't attempt to talk us out of it! Not that I think Dad would be talked out of it. She'd just attempt and see it's pointless, and then Brian and I would be subjected to her frustration, anger and... ranting. Lots of ranting. Neither of us are eager for that to happen. If it has to, I'd prefer it to be after it's all said and done... knowing I have a new computer on the way will give me a happy feeling that just might erase the horrors of Mom-ranting!

So, does anyone have anything negative to say about iMac?


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