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( Jun. 5th, 2010 02:48 pm)
So, I have been on a quest to lose 30 pounds for two months (nine weeks) now, and while there's been a little cheating here and there, I've kept up with it. For the first six weeks, it was a diet change only. Then three weeks ago, it warmed up enough for me to start my summer walking schedule every day. I walk most of the time, but I add in a little jogging at the end.

I've lost 17 pounds so far )

The best part is I feel fantastic. I never realized how all that sugar and fat hurts you. I have more energy, I'm more awake even though I ditched my daily Starbucks, and after exercising, I feel like bouncing all over the house. I always felt better after exercising, but it was more an exhausted type of better rather than an energized type of better. In fact, I was usually twice as lazy after exercising, just because I was so tired. Now, I can work out, and then an hour later I'll want to do it all over again!

Reaching my goal isn't quite as important as it was when I started because right now the benefits are my pride that I can actually do this, and the healthy feeling I get while I am. Not to mention, at this point, I don't really doubt that I will reach my goal, and that I can reach it with time to spare.
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( May. 2nd, 2010 09:26 pm)
And after being stressed as all get out the past three weeks, suddenly everything is in the past and I feel like I can breathe again!

The trip to South Carolina went well, and I actually helped out quite a bit. I was worried that with three men plus my mother directing, I'd just get in the way, but that was not what happened at all. My youngest brother got strep throat, so he couldn't really help out much at all, the other brother was helping my mom pack everything in boxes, so it was up to me and my father to do all the heavy lifting.

Literally! I don't know why my brother needs a 70 gallon fish tank, but I can tell you that it is not fun to move that thing.

Then on Friday, it was my mom's surprise party for her fiftieth birthday, and we threw her a surprise party. We were all a little worried she'd be mad at us, but after some initial unhappiness, she had a blast. Yay!

Those two things, plus helping with the Relay for Life garage sale made for a hectic couple weeks. This week we're having a barbeque pork chop dinner, but I'm just cheap (free) labor for that, so I'm not really stressed about it.

And then, just because I'm not stressed and it needed done, I completely tore apart my room today and organized everything. It was an embarrassing wreck, but it always takes me a while to get around to doing anything about it. Still, it's like I was so used to having a million things to do that I have to keep doing things or else I just feel wrong! I'm not done organizing, so tomorrow will be finishing up, plus shopping plus laundry! Yay for having a day off work!
It would figure that I'd decide to start updating on the day before my paid account is set to expire. Typical me.

I'm not really sure why I'm posting. I think this week is so exhausting for me that writing all out helps me keep everything straight.

Today was... long. And now I have blisters. Why, why, why didn't I change out of my heels before I ran all my errands. And did my chores. And walked all over the mall. Whyyyyyy?

My brother is moving. )

So with a just a few days to spare, we have to pack for a trip, buy furnishings for an apartment, and oh, on top of that?

Next week is my mother's 50th birthday, and we're throwing her a surprise birthday party. Guess who has tons of things to get done THIS WEEK to get ready for it? Me, that's who, with only tomorrow evening to get them done. Plus pack, plus fit in other odds and ends, plus make sure the dog is taken care of (which is an ordeal beyond imagining--there is a page with full paragraphs on how to feed her, whyyyyy is she so old?), plus RIP OUT ALL MY HAIR AND CRY.

Not to mention that I'm still involved with my company Relay For Life committee and this weekend is our huge garage sale filled entirely with donated items because we have an amazing bunch of employees, and I am basically abandoning a really good friend to do it almost entirely by herself at the very last minute and I feel horrible about it. So of course I'm trying to fit in an hour every day to help her organize and label everything. I hate leaving at the end of that hour, because there's piles and piles of things that still has to be done, and I honestly do not have even another half hour to give her.

Can I curl up into a ball and sleep now?
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( Apr. 20th, 2010 12:01 am)
I am an eternal procrastinator. I also sort of plan things out in my head in great detail and then I feel so much satisfaction from my plan that actually following through feels like it just wouldn't live up to my expectations. Like, for example, posting on my livejournal.

I can make really detailed excuses, too.

here's my life now )

And that's about half my life right now. Work and the diet!

This weekend, I'm going to South Carolina to do manual labor (ahahaha, my life's joy, a 13 hour drive to lift things for one day and then drive another 13 hours home, idek--more on that later?), so let's see if I can post again next week. This week? I have a list of things I have to do every day, and I don't think there's enough time to fit it all in. It's gonna be fun!
So I promised [livejournal.com profile] naatz a couple weeks ago that I would post something to my livejournal. There were accusations and dramatic statements ("If not for Delicious, I would've thought you were DEAD!"), and I was very intimidated. She refused to accept perfectly valid excuses ("I have nothing to post about! Follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I post there all the time!") and as usual with her, pushed me around until she got me to agree with her. (SO TRUE, I AM SO BULLIED.)

So Netta, I have posted! And am clearly not dead. ♥

Truthfully, it's not that I've been completely busy, although I have been a bit busier than usual. I'm still working at the credit union, still liking it quite a lot. Best part is that I like the job, I like my coworkers, and I like my boss. It's like the trifecta of a perfect job. I won't say it's what I want to do forever, but until I get a degree and find my dream job, it is definitely satisfactory!

Some parts of work have been a bit crazy, though. A couple months ago, I volunteered to be on the Relay For Life committee for our company and we're in the middle of planning and selling tickets for a chicken barbecue dinner. I'm the only one on the committee actually at the branch handling all the orders, so I'm kind of the go-to girl for everything as well as trying to keep things organized and hassle-free. I'm definitely not usually committee girl or volunteer girl even if I think it's a fantastic cause, but... well, it's a fantastic cause. We're going to have projects going on all year round, so hopefully we can keep up the momentum we've got going.

Other than that, hm. I had an epiphany the other day. I am a complete clothes horse. I don't know how it happened! I have a bunch of hoodies folded neatly on my floor because I have nowhere else to put them, and I am baffled as to where all these clothes came from. I keep telling people it's because I have my work clothes and then my casual, non-work clothes but since I usually don't bother to change when I come home from work, and I work five days a week, my mother is incredibly skeptical. She believes I need to get rid of about half of them, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I wear all of them! Well, most of them. At least half of them! And I spent money on all of them! I might wear them again someday! You never know when you might buy something that matches perfectly with something you bought three years ago but never wore because you didn't have anything to go with it.

...that happens a lot, actually. Hmm. Does anyone else buy something that you can't wear because you don't have anything to go with it because you think something at some point will go with it, and it'll be really cute? Anyone? I'm constantly grabbing things off clearance racks for that exact reason--if it's $4, why not buy it and then find something to go with it later?

That can't be just me.

It makes me kind of nostalgic. If I had been this obsessed with clothes back when I was in high school, I would've been a lot more popular. Oh, well!
I love my brother. I love my brother. It's like a mantra. I really, really do. He just drives me nuts about 80% of the time. Teenagers couldn't have been this brain-explodingly frustrating when I was one, right?

(At this moment, my mother has to be feeling the urge to hit me and having no clue why...)

Phone's ringing, and I can't figure out why no one's answering it. I grab it, look at caller id, it's a university that's been calling for Jim when he hasn't been around to take their calls. I knew he didn't want to talk to them, but they still have to be told that, or they'll keep calling. Duh.

So I answered it.

Me: Hello?
Young Girl Recruiter: Hi, I'm calling from *** University? Could I please speak with Jimmy?
Me: Sure! I'll go get him!

*walks across house*

Me: Hey, Jim, phone. *holds out phone, mouthpiece facing him*
Jim: *glares* I'M NOT HOME.
Me: But--
Jim: *shouts angrily* I'M NOT HOME!

Um. Um.

Me: *mortified, puts phone back up to ear*
Me: ...
Me: ...he's not home.
Young Girl Recruiter: *is already laughing*

So then naturally I couldn't help but start laughing too, and the conversation was concluded between gasps for air.

Just another example of what happens when your parents and older sister spoil you mercilessly. I have only myself--and okay, my parents--to blame.
I think the most satisfying part of work is that I can be my own little whirlwind of activity, with cars lined up in the drive-thru, counting money, bundling money, juggling deposits and withdrawals, everything just strewn across the counter--just basically insanely and crazily busy--and then at the end of the day, still come up balanced to the penny.

It's a really satisfying feeling, and makes all the frustration worthwhile.

The fair was this week. I didn't manage to get out there until Thursday, but that was okay. I honestly haven't been to the fair since either high school or middle school. L and I escorted her five year old nephew around and it was a lot of fun. I forgot how much fun the fair is.

Also how good the food is. Gimme hot dogs, fries and elephant ears over fancy stuff any day. I got home and was so full I thought I'd puke. I love fair food.

L wanted to go to watch the horse races. I saw two of them and was so bored I could not wait to go back out and check out everything else. Horse racing is okay when it gets exciting, like a real race to the finish, but I just don't see the point most of the time.

Next weekend is what I'm really looking forward to. I'm going to the Renaissance Festival! I've never been to one before, and I think it's going to be great. I have been waiting for this all summer! It's pretty much the only vacation I'm getting, and I don't think it technically counts if it's on a weekend and not even in a different state, and in fact, less than a two hour drive, and only for one day! But it's still the only one I'm getting, so I'm calling it a vacation anyway.
It's kind of weird having a social life. In a good way. Still, weird. But despite the stress of a new job, which in the past would have me on the edge of a nervous breakdown and sent me rocketing into my room and remaining there for the next three months, I feel like doing stuff with people almost all the time. And more than wanting to, I'm actually doing it.

It doesn't help with the stress at all, but it's nice. Yesterday was my day off before finally starting at my new branch where I'll be working for... forever, hopefully, and I spent it out shopping with my friends, and making plans to go golfing with my friend K, her husband, and a couple other friends for K's birthday in two weeks.

Golfing. Seriously. But it'll probably be fun. I'll suck at it, but I don't mind that. And last weekend, I went to a baseball game. It was... nice. There were hot dogs. I'd have liked it better if the local team hadn't sucked so badly. And we hadn't been staring directly into the blinding sunlight, augh.

I'm not a completely new person or anything. Since I spent all of yesterday afternoon shopping and not hiding in my room like a turtle, I was pretty bitchy last night. I couldn't help snapping at people, and then of course I felt horrible, so I had to apologize more than once. But it's still better than being a turtle.

Today's gonna go fine, though. I feel pretty calm this morning. It's not like I thought it would go badly, but I just... get stressed. I think everyone does right before starting a new job. I've been in training for a week, but it was at another branch. My trainer was very nice, and my age, but she was pretty much the worst teacher possible for me. I mentioned that last week and said I might explain it a bit more, but I don't think I will. It just really doesn't matter at this point. I'm past it, and I did eventually learn everything, so I'm moving on.

I've got about an hour before I have to leave, and all I have left to do is pack something to eat for my break. That leaves like, fifty-five minutes for me to keep on relaxing. Maybe I'll go read on the porch for a bit.
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( May. 22nd, 2008 07:53 am)
Okay, now I really must update as it is getting to be a Thing. A thing where I don't update.

Last time I posted, I was in the middle of a bad week, but that's been passed. Dad's had his surgery, and now he's pretty much all better! Still not at work, as he's a mechanic and he can't do his job if he's on restrictions, but he'll be back to work in a week or so. He just has to get a few more tests done this week, and then get the results before he's got the okay.

And it was my birthday last Wednesday! It was really fantastic. I got bombarded by cakes and brownies and made myself sick four days in a row. And the day before my birthday, I went to the zoo with L and her boyfriend. The zoo!

To understand my excitement about the zoo, you must understand I've been making noises to anyone who would listen about going to the zoo for the past five years, at least. So when L messaged me a few weeks ago and said, "want to come to Cincinnati with me so I can visit my boyfriend--and by the way, let's go to the ZOO while we're there," I admit to squealing and bouncing up and down in my chair.

I would've gone to Cincinnati anyway, but not with such enthusiasm, which was probably L's goal. I got to see turtles. I love turtles, and I even got a new necklace with a cute little turtle charm. I've been wearing it every day I can get away with it, which is most days. Yay for turtles!

So, yes. Good times! And now it's off to work. Less good times, but still good times. I like the bank. :D
Well, last week was bad. I was sick and my laptop never worked (I ended up returning the damn thing after I spent five hours over a period of two days talking to four different customer support technicians and they finally told me they couldn't fix the thing and to just return it, and a few emails with Amazon.com support later, I was told they didn't feel I should have it replaced and to just return it (which was really just them politely refusing to replace it because they didn't feel it was their problem), I had to pay $23 to ship it back, man, was I ever frustrated), and my desktop is messed up TOO, and a few other things that are minor in the long run but on top of everything else, really didn't help at all. By Friday, I was sick (again) and I went into work at JCPenney anyway because I'd called off on Monday and was there about two and a half hours before I couldn't take it anymore, went home to check to make sure they'd gotten my schedule right for THIS week (long story, it got switched around because of stuff at the bank) and found out that I wasn't scheduled to work that Friday ANYWAY. I'd gone into work sick when I wasn't even supposed to be working! And no one told me, and they made me jump through hoops when I wanted to go home sick! I was... so exhausted and miserable and probably the slightest thing would've set me into a sobbing fit by that point.

I'm really not joking. Just... stress. I was fine before, but even if I like the new job it's still stressful, and I'm still learning and it didn't take much to push me over. I'm still probably a crying jag waiting to happen, because this week is starting out worse than last week. After that bad week, I went to work at the bank Saturday morning, and then had the rest of the day to unwind from everything.

Saturday night (it was 2am, so technically Sunday), I was lying awake in bed because... well, I tend to do that. Insomniac and all. So, lying awake and my mom walks in to say my dad's really sick and in agonizing pain and she's rushing him to the emergency room. It being 2am and me not being really awake, I kinda agreed and once she was gone kinda freaked... It's good I didn't actually panic before they'd left, because I found out later Mom was barely holding it together.

Spent four or five hours in the hospital Sunday afternoon, during which Dad got a couple more tests done and we were told nothing except that it wasn't a heart attack before he got let go. Then yesterday, we found out that it was his gall bladder and he'd need surgery most probably, and I spent the afternoon (I was at work in the morning) driving him FROM and then back TO the hospital and running errands and then my grandparents came home from Florida, so two hours visiting.

And then sometime around 6:20 this morning, Mom woke me up to tell me that Dad was having another attack, and it was another trip to the emergency room, and then about two hours ago, I got a call saying he has to have surgery today, sometime between noon and 3, to have his gall bladder removed, so we'll see how that goes.

I've really got to take a shower so I'll be ready to go up there and wait when Mom calls to tell me when he's having the surgery exactly, but I feel like crap. My head is killing me.

Today's my day off. I was going to use it to do laundry and go shopping--Mom's birthday is tomorrow, and she really deserves a fantastic present, plus I have a good friend's college graduation party this Saturday and I need a present for that too. No more days off. The end of this week isn't looking too great either. Not sure how Dad's recovery time is going to be, or even how long he'll be in the hospital since we won't know until after he's had the surgery.

It's just... long two weeks, I'm betting. Very long. And so very stressful. And sometime as soon as possible I have to call Brian and get that information I still need to fix my desktop, which really needs fixing now that the laptop is gone. My head hurts. A lot.

Edit: Naturally, the minute I post this is the minute I get the phone call from Mom to say that Dad's just going into surgery and I have to get up there as soon as possible. Augh. Still no shower.


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