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( Oct. 4th, 2006 03:45 pm)
Well, a miracle has occurred. Somehow, someway, I've managed to get a life. It's not a particularly great one, but I have a life! I have a life! I'm very excited.

This past weekend was Tiffi's 21st birthday, so I finally went down to Columbus for the first time to celebrate it with her and a few other friends. There was much fun, partying and clubbing and moderate (or in the case of Tiffi, a whole lot of) drinking. I was a ditz, though, and I forgot my ID at home. It was a miracle I managed to get into the club at all, because I didn't have any picture ID on my at all. They finally accepted my credit card plus my immunization card in lieu of ID, although they marked me as underage. Next time I go down to visit, I will definitely not forget anything!

...and of course I've just jinxed myself. Undoubtedly, I will forget something different but also incredibly important in some way. Oh, well.

Then oddly enough, it seems I have a few former friends and acquaintances that go to my new school, which I did not know about! One I'm really, really excited about. I ran into Amanda on Monday, who I haven't seen since our high school graduation. She sort of dropped off the face of the earth and while I'd heard a few things about what she'd been up to (despite not having a life, until recently I was always amazingly up-to-date on what my high school friends were doing and where they were), I hadn't known she was going to school. It turns out she's going to graduate in the summer, too.

Anyway, after I ran into her on Monday, I was hoping to run into her again today, and I did. We had lunch together and got all caught up. I got her number, she got mine, I gave her Tiffi's (they were best friends in high school, but they haven't spoken since Amanda's graduation either--very odd), hopefully we'll get together again sometime.

There are at least two other people I've run into or just seen on campus. Nancy, who was more of a friend of a friend, but we had lunch together last week and she's very nice. Then as I was leaving today, I saw Heather, who was another friend from high school... kind of. She's sweet, but very flighty. It'd be nice to talk to her again, even just to catch up.

So yeah, I have stumbled onto a life where I do lunches with people and go to clubs and parties. I wonder how long it will last before my anti-social personality pops up and I start hiding in my room again...

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Every once in a while, I start thinking deep thoughts. Well, deep thoughts for me which are really more like random and bizarre thoughts. I just feel better if I call them deep.

Like the other day, when I sat around for ages contemplating how exactly my family knew Jimmy was going to be tall. Almost from the moment he was born, the general consensus was, "he's gonna be tall." I have no idea why, but here we are fifteen and a half years later and Jimmy is the tallest member of the family. How did they know?

Just the same, everyone always said I was going to be short, and Brian too. I've still got my fingers crossed for a tiny last growth spurt for Bri, though. Just a half an inch--okay, maybe a full inch--and he'll be taller than me! Just taller than me, that's all I'm asking. I used to love that I was taller than him, but as he got older it got less funny. I'm inches below average height for women, I don't even like to think about how comparatively short that makes Brian.

Oh, and um, still obsessing over Supernatural, though I've gotten better about the dark. No more turning on all the lights... mostly. It comes and goes! Still, no matter how freaked out I might get, the guys are just too hot to avoid the show. Plus, there's an amazing amount of really good fic. I now have more Supernatural fic archived in my memories than anything else.

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I have no idea why I'm doing this, but eh... I love quotes so much.

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