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( Jul. 26th, 2006 11:50 pm)
My eyes are really bothering me lately. My left eye, really. I've taken to wearing my glasses all the time, because my left eye is constantly dry--I can wear my contacts maybe six hours before it starts bothering me so much that I have to take them out. I'm almost wondering if there's something wrong, but otherwise nothing's wrong.

On the other hand, I'm not really that happy with my glasses either. It feels like they need to be readjusted! The nosepieces feel off, and they're sticking to my nose and it's driving me crazy. I started putting lipgloss on the nosepieces just to save myself from insanity. I'm really not kidding.

I could've handled one or the other, but of course for me, they have to happen at the exact same time. Somewhere there's a deity laughing at me.

Oh! And in other, less annoying news, I went to see Superman Returns this afternoon. No one wanted to see it with me and I did have a free pass, so I just went by myself. I've only ever done that once before and I swore to never do it again because I felt like a total moron, but for some reason I thought it might be worth it today.

Brandon Routh is incredibly hot--I didn't think so before, but damn, I changed my mind within the first ten minutes of the movie. That is one attractive man!
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( Mar. 26th, 2006 11:15 am)
You know you live in a small town with nothing to offer when the most exciting thing in years is that there's a new 12 screen movie theater that just opened. I went there for the first time with Tiffi last night, and we spent a lot of time squealing at how awesome it was.

...I really do like my hometown, though. Sadly.

Also, Netta is really mean to me. *cry*

[livejournal.com profile] naatz: You're cracked. XD
[livejournal.com profile] karit: ...
[livejournal.com profile] karit: Gee, thanks. *dry*
[livejournal.com profile] naatz: In a good manner.
[livejournal.com profile] naatz: I wouldn't have kept talking to you ALL THESE YEARS if it wasn't good.
[livejournal.com profile] karit: ...
[livejournal.com profile] karit: I'm... not sure if I should be offended or not. On one hand, it's apparently a good thing. On the other... you just called me permanently cracked. XD;;;;
[livejournal.com profile] naatz: When you put it that way.
[livejournal.com profile] naatz: Um.
[livejournal.com profile] naatz: Well.
[livejournal.com profile] naatz: Um.
[livejournal.com profile] naatz: It's good.
[livejournal.com profile] naatz: I think.
[livejournal.com profile] karit: ...
[livejournal.com profile] karit: It's good, you think?!
[livejournal.com profile] naatz: Well, it's a subjective opinion!
Work sucks. I know, it seems like a given because retail at Christmas, but really. Work sucks.

To distract myself from the absolute hell I have willingly condemned myself to for no intelligent reason I can fathom, I've bought books! And rented movies! And have now watched movies and read books. Most of this took place this afternoon when Brian was trying (and mostly failing) to install a new wireless router so he wouldn't have to jack someone's ethernet cable whenever he wanted to use his laptop.

This is all a long, drawn-out way to say that after a very successful job of avoiding the tv series, I caved and rented Serenity. It doesn't really need to be said that I loved it, but I guess I might as well say it.

I loved it. I cannot even explain how much I love Mal, except to say that I love Mal. Mal is awesome. River is awesome, too. Simon is so anal it makes me laugh, and hello? Brotherly love! I cannot resist cuddly sibling relationships. Everyone else... I don't know how to spell their names. Except Jayne, but I don't really have anything to say about him except that he amuses me with his grenades.

I think I'm going to have to buy the movie whenever I get the chance. I also want to watch it on a decent screen--my tv is static-y and the color is really off. I'd like to actually be able to see what's going on.
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( Dec. 2nd, 2005 10:43 am)
Well, I finally got to see Pride and Prejudice last night. Katie has a friend who works at the theater, and employees are allowed to bring up to three guests and all get in free. That was certainly a plus, especially since prices are so ridiculous. It was the largest, fanciest movie theater that I've ever seen.

Anyway, I did like it very much. They changed a lot, and it was very fast and bounced from place to place, but I liked it. It was very powerful and emotional. The one part that I didn't like was where Elizabeth told Mr. Darcy about Lydia. It seemed rather forced. Katie liked that scene a lot, though, so that might just be me.

Matthew MacFayden was okay, but no one's going to come off really well after Colin Firth's portrayal. He did seem a little serious, but Keira Knightley made up for it. I love her Elizabeth much better than Jennifer Ehle's, although Keira does NOT look good in those dresses. She looked like a stick throughout the entire movie. She might be very pretty, but she needs to gain some weight or something!

One thing that I definitely loved more about this version is the sets. It was so much wilder and not so perfect and orderly. It seemed much more real. The buildings were much prettier in my opinion, although Pemberley seemed a bit too ostentatious for my tastes.

Other than that, it was definitely worth seeing. I was very pleased with it as a whole, and I'll be buying it when it comes out on DVD. I can't say everyone would like it, especially if they hate major changes from original source material, but it's a very romantic, moving story. I usually hate when books are made into movies with major changes, but I wasn't too bothered this time.
I am very bad at updating my journal lately. I don't know what it is, it seems like life is going by so fast and it's so very hard for me to keep up! It's been a very stressful past few weeks.

Wednesday night brought some conversations I've been avoiding but knew would have to happen eventually. Katie invited me to have dinner with her bible study group. )

Oh, and Katie did indeed talk to her friend about having her teach us to knit. We're going to have lessons sometime soon, probably Wednesdays after their bible study group. I'm not sure how that's going to work out for me, as I don't go to their bible study group, but I haven't asked Katie about that yet because she seemed so excited about the timing of the lessons. *sigh* Still, I'm looking forward to it, even if I think I'll be horribly bad at it.

There are only a few weeks left of the semester, and most of next week is Thanksgiving break. My last final is on December 15th. I'm so anxious right now because it feels like there's a million things I have to do and I'm forgetting every single one of them. My head has been aching worse than ever. In math class this afternoon, it felt like my head was exploding. I seriously wondered if I was going to burst a blood vessel or something similar.

Katie and I are both desperately wanting to see Pride and Prejudice, the new one with Keira Knightley that just came out, but it's not in any of the theaters around here! There's a giant 16-screen cinema in the mall not five minutes away, but it's not showing it! Nor is anywhere within twenty miles of Toledo, and not in my hometown or hers. It's driving us nuts, especially me as I've been waiting for it to come out since I first heard of it, back at the beginning of this year. Until I figure out what do to about the whole thing, I've downloaded both the US and the UK trailers for the movie, and have taken to watching them over and over. It's kind of pathetic.

Earlier this week, I found out that I had nearly a hundred dollars on my school card I could use on any of the restaurants in the Student Union, and that if I didn't use them by the end of the semester, I'd lose them. I hadn't realized I could use them on those restaurants, and I'm just beside myself at my stupidity. There's going to be a lot of eating out before the semester ends. I'm down to $90. I had Pizza Hut for dinner yesterday and lunch today, and Katie asked if I wanted to grab something at 5. Maybe we'll have Chinese or hamburgers or something. There's some cool places in the SU. Ooh, and Starbucks! I've never had Starbucks before, my hometown doesn't have one.

My head's still bothering me, and I should really take a quick nap before dinner, but I just can't bring myself to.

ETA: Oh, and I've been thinking about something I discussed with Angie. She's always wanted to visit NYC and I love NYC, so I thought it would be neat if we went there sometime over the summer. If we bring along a few other people, it shouldn't be too horribly expensive. I did some checking really quickly, we can get a whole package with plane tickets and a hotel room for a week for around $500 per person (if we have four people). Not sure if it's a GOOD package, but I'll have to bring it up with Angie the next time I see her.

It was really amusing though, when we were talking about it. Angie's driven to Chicago twice at least, so she told me that she could drive in NYC because "they can't be that different, can they?" I was too surprised to say anything except that she couldn't. She said she thought she could. I couldn't figure out how to make her believe me, so I just told her that wasn't going to happen. I think I might've laughed. :/ She seemed kind of offended... but seriously, there's no way she could ever drive in NYC.
Augh, what's with this weird abdominal pain? No clue what's going on with that, except now that I think about it, it seems rather familiar. Hm. Must be... actually, no, I have no idea what it must be. It just hurts an awful lot. Still. For the past few days. Maybe it's just something that's happening because I'm sick--got a mildish sort of cold.

If that's so, then my body is truly bizarre. Maybe it's stress?

I rented Batman Begins yesterday, and watched it for the first time. It's absolutely one of the best movies I've ever seen in my entire life. So, so awesome. I'll probably buy it from the video store when I return the one I rented. I almost bought it the day it came out, because Meijer was selling it for $15 (with a free gift--a keychain!), but I thought I'd better watch it before I bought it. Such a bad decision.

ALSO, what's this about Maki Murakami starting a new arc of Gravitation?! Why didn't anyone TELL me?! This is big! Huge! Giant! Mind-blowing! I've already read the first two new tracks, and OMG. If it's going where I think it's going, I am going to DIE. That is just... wow!

I want to know if anyone else knows about this, seriously. Because if someone knew and didn't tell me, I will be having a serious talk with them. Or at least crying all over them and wailing, "why?! Why didn't you tell me, you giant meanie face!" I think they'd probably prefer the serious talk. I can be very shrill when I wail.
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( Oct. 2nd, 2005 05:13 pm)
Whee, did about three weeks' worth of laundry today! I feel so productive! :D Spent all my cash doing it, though. Now I have about two dollars to my name instead of six.

...well, at least I have clean clothes as a consolation...

Last night, Katie and I went over to a friend's house (friend of Katie, though I like her a lot) and had a small Star Wars marathon! The friend and I had both seen them a lot, but Katie had never seen them. Watching her reaction to certain things (she'd been spoiled on the biggies) was just priceless.

And we had regular popcorn, caramel popcorn and candy apples, so that was cool too. :D

Then afterwards, I got attacked urged by the two of them to attend the church they go to. Eep. Held them off with claims of loving my own church, and not feeling comfortable in non-Catholic churches. Then I distracted them by mentioning the priest at my church is liberal. The friend wanted to know how he was liberal... In the face of all this attention to my religious activities, my mind went blank and I couldn't really remember the obvious points of his liberalism. Eventually I managed to supply a pretty lame answer of his views on remarrying after divorce.

(Remembered later, told Katie he thinks the church should allow priests to marry and maybe even allow female priests. That's the BIG one, anyway. If I'm remembering correctly, he's not totally against homosexuality, either, but I didn't tell Katie that.)

After we came back to the room, Katie and I had a long discussion on our religious beliefs. I was kind of creeped out by the ferver of her explanation of the Holy Spirit, which I'd mentioned I'd never quite understood. Actually, I was kind of creeped out by the ferver of everything she talked about.

I fudged the truth a lot, or at least didn't let on how apathetic I am about religious matters. I didn't lie, but I definitely played up what I thought she'd accept. I still wasn't quite up to her... um... expectations of what a Christian should be, and she probably thinks I'm going to hell for not being as good as her (as a Christian, I mean), but at least she's not openly disapproving.

I couldn't stand dealing with the open hostility disapproval I'd get from uncensored honesty. Silent disapproval is good. I can be okay with having it be unspoken.
Have I mentioned that for the past, oh, three weeks I've been obsessing over Star Wars? I've been fixated off and on since May, but these past few weeks... totally obsessed. More specifically, Anakin/Padmé fics that either have Anakin not turning at all, or coming back some point after he turned. Equally wonderful are Vader/Luke fics (not like THAT, OMG) of any kind. Evil Vader, good Vader, beige Vader... I do not care. Any fic focusing on Vader and Luke, sometimes with Leia!

It's too bad that because I've been trying to read every fic fitting that description for the past three weeks, I'm pretty much coming to the end of the line. No more fics, I've read them all! The disappointment is crushing. I almost want to write a fic to give me something else to read, but it would be so horrible that it would probably just traumatize me for life.

I am against being traumatized, so writing a fic is out. It's too bad, because there are storylines I really, really want to see and I'm just not seeing them.

I want to see a fic where Obi-Wan tells Luke the truth instead of his artistic "certain point of view" truth. I could never understand why Obi-Wan lied in the first place. Did he seriously think Luke could kill Vader before Vader could tell him? Especially a four word sentence? I don't think so. Vader could probably say "I am your father," long pause and all, before Luke could even get his lightsaber out.

Or maybe he thought that Vader would not care that he had a son, and wouldn't bother to tell Luke? I would really like to know if Obi-Wan had ever MET Anakin if that's the case. Maybe there was some greater plan that I've been missing but it seems to me that it wasn't hard to predict that things would happen as they did.

On the other hand, if he had just told Luke the truth, that his father was a good man who turned really, really bad and killed babies, he might have been a little more prepared... or he'd have acquired a really scary psychological disorder, but it would be an interesting fic to read either way.
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( Sep. 4th, 2005 03:48 pm)
So bizarre. Right now I'm on my laptop. I've been using my desktop to watch movies, it's completely unplugged from the network. It's been on for 15 hours... and it hasn't frozen ONCE. Not once. Brian's friend Kiel suggested it... he said unconnect it from the internet, and see if it freezes because it might be a network problem. It doesn't freeze.

It can't be the school's network, though, because it froze twice at home last weekend, connected at home. I don't GET it, I just don't.

I suppose one good thing is that I will have something more to tell the school's computer center if they ever call me back.

Katie went home for the weekend, so I've had a four person suite all to myself for the past three days or so. She's coming back tomorrow, and I'm relieved. It's very lonely here... and not to mention if I fell and hit my head or something, no one would know until she came back. I could be dead in here for days! Well, one day now.

I say this because Friday evening, I nearly did fall and kill myself. That wasn't my best moment. Mom is making me call her every day, though, so I suppose I'm just exaggerating. I wouldn't be lying here dead for days, because Mom would totally freak out if I didn't call. She'd throw a fit and make someone come and check on me.

I need to buy more movies with Colin Firth in them. Because seriously, that man is hot. I watched Love Actually last night, and six hours of Pride and Prejudice this afternoon, and now I'm watching the ending of Love Actually again. I love Colin's proposal... best proposal EVER. I want someone to learn a foreign language just to propose to ME. That would rule. Also, I pretty much like all the endings of each storyline in this movie, so yeah...

Have no idea what movie to watch next, but I'm refused to just let my desktop sit inactive. If I let it sit inactive and it never freezes, then I can't be sure that it isn't freezing because it's not in use.

Sold back some of my old textbooks to the college bookstore. The college I went to before, I mean. OSU. Whatever. So I have some money, and decided to use a bit of it to rent movies. I've been dying to rent movies since last week, for no apparent reason, but Mom wouldn't indulge me.

Just finished rewatching both Bridget Jones movies.

I'd forgotten how absolutely hilarious the fights between Mark and Daniel are. Kicking and hair pulling? They kill me ded.
...well, this sucks. I had a whole entry typed out--a very LONG entry--and my computer decides to screw up and even though I copied it, somehow it is gone and I have to rewrite the whole thing. Fat chance! You (few) people who read my livejournal will just have to live with a completely different entry. Possibly there will be similarities between the two entries, but possibly not! I'm sure you're all devastated.

Don't be, the other entry was pretty sucky anyway. I wanted to preview it and see what needed changed, but the stupid thing wouldn't let me, so I guess maybe it's a blessing in disguise? Or not, since I really don't feel like writing a whole new entry, but whatever.

So, I haven't been busy lately and I've got nothing to say, so that's why I haven't post for... ah... eight days? I have a new layout, if anyone cares. I was ready for a change. Well, that, and I really wanted pastels for spring. I've been in a pastel-y mood since I did all that planted and pruning. Actually, I'm still pruning occasionally. You're supposed to, you know. Prune. Even if stupid rabbits are eating all our petunias and stuff. Bastard rabbits. I suggested leaving Ginger out as a security system, but Mom and Dad mostly seemed to think I was joking.

I wasn't.

I haven't made any official decisions on school yet. I'm still worried I'm making the wrong choice--well, made the wrong choice. I'm still saying 'probably' and 'almost certainly' and 'most likely', but that's just for myself. I want to feel like I'm really still thinking about it, because I'm really seriously worried I'm making the wrong choice. It's a good thing, usually, that I make decisions so easily, but... sometimes, it's really not.

I can't see myself doing anything BUT going back to school. I really enjoy school most of the time. I love learning and I like the atmosphere. Then... I think about the last time I was in school, the overwhelming despair and insecurity and depression, and I just worry. Last time, it was okay to fail. Not fun or a good thing, but it was OKAY. I had the money to cover it. Now... I won't. If I screw up, I will be financially SCREWED. Not to mention that I will probably fuck myself up mentally worse than I've EVER been, even back when I was suicidal, and might put myself years behind in recovery.

Augh, I'm being so pessimistic. I think, really, that I'm just upset that I can't talk to anyone about this. Everyone says I'll make the right decision, and I'll be happy, and stuff like that... and that's good, but it doesn't help me. It upsets me, actually, because people always say that, and it almost never works out. Whenever anyone tells me it will be all right, my mind comes up with a million reasons it won't be all right. I need someone completely unconnected to the situation to talk to, like a therapist or something. I really want to go back to therapy, and just talk, but I can't afford to unless I go back to school, and that sort of ruins the whole purpose of talking to the therapist.

I guess what has me really frustrated is that the one person I really need to support me in this is my biggest antagonist: my mom. Every time the topic comes up, this look of utter disapproval and disgust comes over her face, and she's so close-minded. She's never understood my interests or wishes, but... usually she at least succeeds in hiding her feelings. With this, she's radiating them and it's not helping. I don't even know what she wants from me, but I somehow doubt it's anything I would want so I haven't bothered to ask her.

Basically, she's nearly single-handedly helping my depression gain a foothold again. Wow, isn't that special? I love my mother, but in times like this, it's better for my emotional well-being if I don't talk to her.

In other news, I went to see Revenge of the Sith on Sunday. I did like it, although I hadn't really been looking forward to seeing it. I hate tragic stories and it really is tragic. It depressed me for days, as anyone who spoke to me on AIM can attest to.

Oh, and I went to one of my cousins' gradution parties today. We weren't there for very long, because we didn't know anyone, but it was nice to see Isaac again. And it signaled the beginning of grad parties this year... I've got three cousins graduating along with my brother. It's a bit much, since there's never been more than one family member graduating at a time in the past. I'm comforted by the fact that Jimmy's the absolute youngest in our generation, and there's only one other in between him and Brian, so that's two more graduation parties in the future, and they're not in the same years. Yay!
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( May. 19th, 2005 01:11 pm)
OMG!!! OMG!! I'M BACK I'M BACK I'M BACK~~~~!!!!!

Excuse me, I'll stop crying with joy any second now. Probably. Not. Probably not.

Wow, this is just wonderful. XD I had no hope... after all this time, all these reasons... it was something really, really stupid that was the problem. REALLY stupid.

The repair guy person from my internet provider came out at 10:58am this morning and my alarm was set for 11am. So it was a really good thing that the telemarketer called at 10am and woke me up early, ehh? Because while I still had wet hair, I had showered and dressed already when he got here. He was kinda cute, too, so it was a REALLY good thing. Anyway, he checked out everything while on the phone with Sprint the entire time, and eventually it was decided that it was a Sprint problem after all. Something about wiring. So he left after telling me a Sprint repairman would be coming before 7. I was... uh... NOT happy.

But the Sprint repairman came within the next hour! Around noon, actually. THAT'S when the real problems started. They'd told him to check for Sync and... Surf? Whatever, something like that. The problem was that we'd always HAD those. Always. Meaning we SHOULD have had internet, but we didn't. It was absolutely pointless for him to check those. I called my internet provider, and for the next half an hour, it was some sort of four-way conversation. I was telling the repairman what the person from my internet provider was telling me, only the person from my internet provider was talking to her manager who was talking to someone from Sprint. Oh, and the repairman was occasionally on the phone from someone ELSE from Sprint, too, so it was pretty interesting for a while. Eventually, they figured out that... well, something about channels.

We were supposed to be on channel 24, but records showed we were on 23. They decided that must be the problem, and the repairman left to go down the road and switch us back to channel 24. Tada~! It worked! We'd gotten explanation after explanation and problem after problem... finally it's working. Yay~! And we have a new modem, too. How cool! I feel sorry for that repairman... he got an earful of happy Jennie squeals when I realized my homepage was showing up.

In reality, I'm slightly bitter. I spent the last few days addicted to TELEVISION. Lifetime movies~! Danielle Steel movies~! (OMG the one about the missing baby and the evil dad and the hot FBI inspector was mind-numbing, yet strangely enjoyable) I even--oh, this is just rich--went GROCERY SHOPPING with my mother to relieve the boredom. I do not GO grocery shopping with my mother. If I have to go, I go by myself. Any kind of shopping with my mother is enough to make me want to pull all my hair out, but grocery shopping is a new, more evil kind of horror. She can take TWENTY MINUTES to decide if she wants grapes. And then if she does want grapes, she'll take another ten minutes deciding which kind, and then another ten minutes deciding which bag. Shopping with my mother is NOT FUN, okay? I was that bored.

Well... I did get the gardening done with her that I've been promising to do. We've got nearly all the flowers planted. I guess it's a good thing that I could get that done when I had nothing else I'd rather be doing. That was a small plus.

But the number thing I did for entertainment was have conversations with my dog. Yes, conversations. We've reached a new level of closeness. I cannot love her even more than I do now! Except for that argument we had about how she wouldn't look at me. What was that about? Anyway, she followed me around everywhere and Mom found it incredibly endearing. Unfortunately, in the ten minutes I've been back online, Ginger has gone back to loving the couch more than me. Traitor... even if I have gone back to loving the computer more than her.

I'm so never watching "Judging Amy" ever again. That show is so addictive it isn't even funny. I've seen like seven episodes in the past few days.

So yeah, I'm excited and rambling and none of you are subjected to my squeaky, high-pitched ugly voice any more~! Yay! [livejournal.com profile] angels_requiem, what are you talking about, CUTEST ACCENT? You make no sense. *bright red*

Now to catch up on my flist~! *heart*


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