I had a good Christmas. I hope everyone on my flist did too! Well, everyone who celebrates Christmas, anyway. Maybe I should say Happy Non-Denominational Winter Holiday to everyone else?

The best part about Christmas is the shopping. I love shopping, especially difficult shopping, and shopping is most difficult when you're buying for someone else. It's great. And even better, the shopping isn't over after Christmas! After Christmas is when the returns and exchanges start. I love returns and exchanges, and lucky for me, I have to do a lot of them. Christmas is such an awesome holiday--that is, the materialistic side of it. I have little to no opinion on the religious side, being not very religious.

Also, as of yesterday, I finally learned what my family is doing for our last family vacation. On June 23rd, my family will board a plane for Punta Cana! Wheeee! I am so excited. I've read the brochures, I've seen the flight info, I've looked over the map... I am so very approving of Dad's choice.

In light of this new information, I have pretty much decided I'm going to put all my Christmas money toward a membership at the Y, and start working out again. I am so very determined to wear a bikini and look good doing it.
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( Dec. 13th, 2006 06:36 pm)
Okay, so I lied. I lied like a lying, lying thing. I am rightly and utterly ashamed of myself. When I say I shall post more, I should follow through and actually post more. But no, not I! I am a low, irredeemable teller of untruths. I apologize from the bottom of my unworthy heart.

In lieu of all the posts I didn't make, I can assure you that I have been reading my flist! I just haven't been commenting because I really have nothing at all to say.

I am in a very cheery mood, if anyone can tell. I spent hours shopping today, and so now I have most of my Christmas shopping done. I'll have to do a few more hours shopping tomorrow, or sometime soon, if not tomorrow, but then I will be done. Yay! I like shopping a lot, but I like having things completed most of all. It'll be a great relief to know I'm all finished.

I'm not sure if I'm going down to Columbus this weekend to visit Tiffi and Brandon again. If I don't go, then I won't see them again until New Year's because next weekend is all Christmas parties. I think I'll probably text Tiffi and decide when I see what they're planning on doing. I still haven't been clubbing with them yet, so we'll see.

Brian's girlfriend Shelley is visiting. She's a sweet girl, but like all of Brian's girlfriends, makes me feel horribly inadequate because she's pretty, smart and funny. I usually hate pretty, smart and funny girls because they make me viciously jealous, but his girlfriends are also amazingly nice and I can't hate nice girls. Shelley is just as typically nice as all his other girlfriends. Also, she has amazing hair. Amazing blonde hair! I just can't win.

At least it's dyed. I think.
Oooh, it seems when I get sick, it just doesn't want to go away. It's annoying more than anything, because I'm not really that sick. I was only really sick that first day, and then after that, I had exhaustion and stomach pains, but now it's been four whole days since I got sick, and I still have the stomach pains. I wonder if it might not be because I've hardly eaten anything, and my stomach is all out of sorts about it. I decided today I'm going to start eating properly again and see if that doesn't help. I did manage to get down breakfast, even if it wasn't a very large breakfast, so that's definite progress!

I'm a bit behind on my plan, though, as it's nearly 3 and I haven't had any lunch. Everything I could find to eat seemed just distasteful, so I'm drinking a glass of milk right now instead. My illness, however, was not what I was planning to discuss in this entry, so that's enough of that.

What I really wanted to talk about was...

Er, I was going to say something about...


Shit, I totally forgot.

Oh, oh! New Year's resolutions, that was it. Well, now all my plans for a dramatic introduction have been shot, so I guess I'll just get right on to it.

I usually don't make resolutions. I used to make them all the time, but I never kept any of them except by accident. It seems so fake to follow the tradition when I know I'm not going to ever get around to doing it, so I stopped making resolutions sometime in my teen years. (Another reason was that I generally forgot what my resolutions were by the end of January and I hate evidence of my shoddy memory.)

This year I'm going to make some resolutions and try really hard to keep them. I'm going to shoot for some I know I can keep--though not ones I would necessarily find easy--because I hate the miserable feeling of unhappiness I get when I fail at something.

Resolution #1: I will not be completely anti-social. I will do my best to go out, have fun and make new friends.
Resolution #2: I will study more. I hated the feeling of disappointment I got when I looked at my grades this semester and thought, "I could've had a perfect 4.0 if I'd put in even the slightest bit of effort." I never want to feel that disappointed in myself again.
Resolution #3: I will learn to stop obsessing over my lack of a boyfriend. It is not the be-all and end-all of my life, and I need to learn to be content with what I have and not what I want to have. Just because I don't have a boyfriend now doesn't mean I will never have one.
Resolution #4: I will try to start exercising again. At the very least, I will tone up enough so I don't have to stuff myself into the size 7 jeans that fit me when I was exercising.

Four seems like a good round number, so I'll stop there. None of them will be too hard to keep, but I'm shockingly lazy so they're not particularly easy either. Wish me luck!
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( Dec. 25th, 2005 12:48 pm)
Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is having a lovely one. :D

Mine's been pretty nice so far. Jimmy woke up at 5:30 this morning to get sick, and he's still looking rather gray, but it's not horrible despite that. It's sad, really, especially this year. It's Jimmy's Christmas this year. Brian and I got our cars back in October, and those were our Christmas present. Mom and Dad got us two little things just so we'd have something to open, and of course I had a present each from Brian and Jimmy and Brian had two presents from Jimmy and I, but it was really completely Jimmy's Christmas. He had presents upon presents upon presents!

He got an iPod mini, a new tv, lots of clothes, lots of accessories to go with the iPod... oh, and a new stand for his tv... Mom even wrapped the iPod in about eight successively bigger boxes. It would've been more fun if Jimmy wasn't so sick, but he still had a lot of fun. Brian got the iPod program stuff set up on the computer and loaded all Jimmy's songs for him, and Mom and Dad set up the tv. Jimmy just sat back and enjoyed! We all really had fun shoving gifts at him. It really was a very nice Christmas. :D

I suppose I might as well list what I got, though.

From Brian and Jimmy: two Aéropostale gift cards
From Mom and Dad: a pair of earmuffs and a running suit

I picked out the stuff from Mom and Dad, and I told Mom to have the boys get me gift cards from Aéropostale, so everything is pretty good. :D

I gotta go, though. Grandma and Grandpa are supposed to be here any minute!
My head and neck are killing me, as usual, only on the left side, as usual. I truly despise the entire left side of my body, for I believe it despises me right back. Mom made another chiropractor's appointment for me on Wednesday, and I'm counting down the hours. If I am not able to get this pain taken care of, I'll probably end up downing pain meds like candy. I'd do it now, but they don't have any effect at all. My only hope is that taking twelve iburprofen at once (okay, maybe not quite so much, but definitely more than the 800 mg I've limited myself to in the past).

I am planning on doing some Christmas shopping for my brother's today, but I'm rather put out as Katie was supposed to come with me and she's still not back from church. I know she's usually back really late, but I'm giving her until 3pm and then I'm going without her. It's too bad, though, because I feel like such a fool walking around in a mall so much nicer than the one in my hometown.

Ack! Katie and a friend just got here, guess I'm heading off to the mall.


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