Someone should really, really inform authors that "nether regions" is a term that should never be used. Ever. There should be some kind of public service announcement. I see it once in a while and it makes me laugh out loud every time.

Thank god, usually it's not in smut fics. Smut authors generally use better terms than that, even if they are usually just as hysterically funny. Also speaking of smut authors, I've been coming across a rash of smut fics where the author uses "c*ck" instead of "cock." How is that any better? I'm not being rhetorical, I'd seriously like to know.

Segueing onto a completely different topic, it seems that having my little breakdown the other day was what I needed to kick my ass into gear. I've decided that I am going to Rhodes State this fall and I've picked a major. I've got to go to the Office of Admissions on Monday to deal with a few things, and I think I'll actually do it.

I also might reschedule that doctor's appointment I've put off since, oh, early June. My wrists are really bad again, and I'm worried how difficult it will be for me to take notes in class. Typing isn't too bad because the splints help, but that doesn't work with writing. My wrists cramp up after five or ten minutes when I'm writing normally. The speed at which I'd need to write notes would be absolutely impossible, and that will be a huge problem.

But I am really excited about school (well, kind of) and also because my dad told me about our vacation plans for next summer! After he and Mom went to Florida in the spring, he decided that our family needed one last family trip before... well, I guess before Brian and I move out? He wants a last hurrah, I guess. Anyway, for the first time in our lives, it's going to be a major trip. He's not sure where we're going yet, but so far he's tossed out Jamaica, the Virgin Islands and the Bahamas as ideas.

My new goal in life is to lose enough weight to look good in a bikini by next June. And maybe to get tan. And probably have long hair, but I'm only including that because I've wanted long hair since I got it cut short. In 2004, don't ask why I haven't tried to grow it out because it's a long story. If you can't tell, I'm a little bit hyper. I can't help it, I'm excited! I've never flown in a plane, I've never been out of the country, and I haven't been to the ocean since I was about twelve years old. I'm gonna be fixing all three things at once. *glee*
The following review has been submitted to: Routine Chapter: 1

From: So&So ()


...uhhhhhhhhhh. 'kay?
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( Apr. 17th, 2006 08:43 pm)
You know what? I'm defying convention and from now on I'm going to wear a bra to bed. Because dammit, it does NOT cause cancer and it's just fucking more comfortable! I don't care if it's weird, I really don't!

It's indisputable that someone's boobs are too big when they think bras are so comfortable that they want to sleep in them.

And can someone poke me repeatedly until I start writing the fic bunny I just got? Because if I don't write it now, I'll never write it. Wait, no, don't. Wait, do. Wait--oh, hell. Do whatever you want. o.o
I just finished up a drabble for [ profile] naruto100 and another theme for [ profile] 3measures within a few hours. Most prolific I've been since like... July of 2004. Geez.

I was focusing on downloading Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny, but I've been distracted by Full Metal Panic! I've spent the past... oh, two months trying to download GS and GSD and out of one hundred episodes, I have about twenty. Two days into FMP! and I've got the first five episodes halfway downloaded and I'm making good progress on FMP? Fumoffu! and FMP! The Second Raid. Yeah, that's definitely annoying. Nice, but annoying.

I'm really excited to start watching it, though. I think I'm going to love Sousuke.

I've also just finished talking to my friend, Tiffi. She's agreed to lend me all the Saiyuki manga and anime she owns, which I'm hoping is a fair bit. I know she loves the series, so I'm fairly sure she has a lot. Unlike me, she actually goes out and buys anime and manga. She's so honest... or maybe she just isn't able to download it. I don't really know. In any case, I've heard Saiyuki is really good and I've seen two episodes. I think it'll be interesting to watch and read. In light of this, I've made plans to go home this weekend (I hadn't decided if I was or not) and meet up with her on Saturday evening.

Oh, and I made Katie jealous. On Thursday, a mutual friend of ours (more Katie's than mine) invited me to the bible study group's Christmas party on Friday evening. I thought Katie was going and I had nothing better to do, so I agreed. It was only after I'd made the plans and hung up that I found out that Katie was not going because she was heading home for the weekend. For a time, I felt like slamming my head into the wall.

But despite an onset of nerves for hanging out with a group of people I barely know, I went to the party. And it was so much fun. I was there from just before 7pm until past midnight. I haven't laughed so hard in ages. It was kind of awkward at first, but once everyone arrived and we started the games and such... very nice. I think since Katie wasn't there as a safety net, I was forced to interact with people or else sit around bored all night. I think I made a few friends. In any case, it was tons of fun and when Katie came back today, I made her incredibly jealous because she'd wanted to go, she just had responsibilities that she couldn't avoid back home. So ha! It was awesome fun and she was sick with jealousy and disappointment that she missed it and all is well with the world. :D :D :D
I can't believe it, but I actually sat down and wrote for [ profile] 3measures. Worked a couple hours, whined and grumped and was all-around critical, but I finished and it's posted. Whee! And [ profile] naatz gets my first child for listening to me sulk, and then telling me what I screwed up on and how to fix it.

Title: The Expected Outcome
Rating: G
Theme: #1: camera obscura
Summary: "Occasionally on long missions, Team 7 gets to sleep indoors. Unfortunately for Team 7, they usually have to share a room. The problem with three teenagers sharing a room is that once they get past the awkwardness, all that's left is three teenagers sharing a room." [NaruSakuSasu]
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( Nov. 2nd, 2005 11:10 pm)
So, I said I was going to work on a theme for [ profile] 3measures. I completely failed! But I did manage to finish a drabble I'd started a few months ago, and it's Team 7. That's progress!

Span )

I know, it's not the greatest. But I like it. :D
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( Nov. 2nd, 2005 10:22 pm)
I've got a new mood theme! And not only that, but a TEAM 7 mood theme! This is the best day ever, thanks to [ profile] hinata, who posted two very lovely themes in [ profile] chuunin just a little while ago.

...and I'm only using this mood because it was the first one I found (checking randomly) that had all three members of the team. :D

Although I am hopeful that this will give me inspiration to work on one of the nine themes I need to write for [ profile] 3measures. So far, I've only managed to write down some ideas for two of the themes. None of the ideas gave me the urge to write. They weren't very good ideas. I did get really frustrated that I couldn't reuse a fic I've already written, because Echoes would be just perfect for "unfinished trilogy." But no, I had to write that in July of 2004. Goddammit.
Have I mentioned that for the past, oh, three weeks I've been obsessing over Star Wars? I've been fixated off and on since May, but these past few weeks... totally obsessed. More specifically, Anakin/Padmé fics that either have Anakin not turning at all, or coming back some point after he turned. Equally wonderful are Vader/Luke fics (not like THAT, OMG) of any kind. Evil Vader, good Vader, beige Vader... I do not care. Any fic focusing on Vader and Luke, sometimes with Leia!

It's too bad that because I've been trying to read every fic fitting that description for the past three weeks, I'm pretty much coming to the end of the line. No more fics, I've read them all! The disappointment is crushing. I almost want to write a fic to give me something else to read, but it would be so horrible that it would probably just traumatize me for life.

I am against being traumatized, so writing a fic is out. It's too bad, because there are storylines I really, really want to see and I'm just not seeing them.

I want to see a fic where Obi-Wan tells Luke the truth instead of his artistic "certain point of view" truth. I could never understand why Obi-Wan lied in the first place. Did he seriously think Luke could kill Vader before Vader could tell him? Especially a four word sentence? I don't think so. Vader could probably say "I am your father," long pause and all, before Luke could even get his lightsaber out.

Or maybe he thought that Vader would not care that he had a son, and wouldn't bother to tell Luke? I would really like to know if Obi-Wan had ever MET Anakin if that's the case. Maybe there was some greater plan that I've been missing but it seems to me that it wasn't hard to predict that things would happen as they did.

On the other hand, if he had just told Luke the truth, that his father was a good man who turned really, really bad and killed babies, he might have been a little more prepared... or he'd have acquired a really scary psychological disorder, but it would be an interesting fic to read either way.
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( Jul. 6th, 2005 12:10 pm)
I started a Sasuke-centric ficlet last night, finished the rough draft last night, and went over it and uploaded it this morning. Joy. I don't much like it, but I never like any of my fic, so we'll see what other people think, I guess. Hopefully it's not bad. XD; It's my OT3, I just couldn't resist...

Title: Work In Progress
Rating: PG-13 / T
Summary: He wasn't quite finished yet, but they were working on that. [NaruSasuSaku][threesome][oneshot]

As usual, I've completely ignored the whole barrel arc.

Now let's see if I can finish that stupid, nonsense Sakura ficlet I started just before I started this one... I'm not holding my breath on that.
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( Dec. 1st, 2004 10:33 pm)
Finished up a Sasuke-centric oneshot that I've had mostly finished on my hard drive for a while. A little too dramatic, but I'm too sick of working on it to care.

Title: Like Glass
Rating: PG-13
Summary: His family is dead, his brother is a murderer, his heart is missing. They call him a genius. [oneshot]

Sasuke's tantrum taken from my own experiences. In the sense that I used to have rage issues and was very good at showing my feelings.
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( Dec. 1st, 2004 03:52 pm)
So, um... Eve, remember when I promised you a fic? And then never mentioned it again?

Yeah, well... it didn't quite work out. But I did finish SOMETHING for you! Don't laugh too hard.

Title: Routine
Rating: G
Pairings: InoLee
Summary: She hated their routine, so she decided to change it. It didn't quite go as planned. [oneshot]

There. You got the InoLee I never wanted to write.
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( Oct. 19th, 2004 02:21 am)
Erk, so why does Eve tend to be the one who makes me feel like writing? Why? It's not necessarily a BAD thing, but I usually never finish anything. XD;;

So it was mere luck that tonight I did a drabble. Who doesn't finish drabbles? (Well, me, actually. I've got a couple of unfinished ones...)

*coughs* Anyway, here it is. Gaara drabble, 100 words exactly. I don't really like it. At all. Might rewrite it later.

Colors )
Another fic. Eheh. As I said to several people, this is really kinda sad. Two and a half years of writing Inuyasha fanfics, and I only have three finished fics and one unfinished (probably never to be finished) fic. One week of writing Naruto fics, and I have four finished fics.

This one I'm not actually very proud of at all. *sulks* I had the idea, and I really liked it, but once I sat down to type it out, it just... sucked. Went flat. Was... sucky. Look, it's even making me redundant! Anyway, yeah.

Title: Extraordinary
Rating: G
Summary: She was the first person to believe in his dream. He just doesn't know it. [one-sided NaruHina] [oneshot]

I wonder if I should even put the notice of NaruHina... they're seven years old, and just passing on the street. Hm. Doesn't even mention her crush on him... I guess it's fine, though.
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( Jul. 15th, 2004 02:18 pm)
Eheh. Eheheheheh. Another Naruto ficlet. ^_^; I have no idea where they're coming from. The first one I had to force myself to write, the second came completely out of nowhere and wouldn't shut up, and this one... was much the same.

Title: Pineapple Metaphors
Rating: G
Pairings: None, unless you consider irritation for a person a romantic attachment
Summary: Shikamaru is too lazy to fit into a proper metaphor, and Ino despairs. [oneshot]

Speaking of my recent fic-writing explosion, Echoes has got ten reviews already, and most of them are really, really good. I'm kind of in shock... they're all coherent, detailed reviews. I was really embarrassed this morning when I woke up and saw them. There was actually only eight two hours ago, but now there are ten. I can't see the latest two, though. I'm really happy, because they're the best reviews for a fic I've written, ever.

So, if anyone who reviewed reads this, thank you so much. It made my day... heck, my week!
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( Jul. 14th, 2004 07:45 pm)
About two and a half hours ago, I got another fic idea, and it wouldn't let go. First time in years I've felt so compelled to write down an idea, right then. Got it all out in about two hours (with a break for dinner), and voila!

Title: Echoes
Rating: PG-13, for serious subject matter
Summary: It will be Sakura's first real solo mission without her teammates. She regrets that she ever looked forward to it. [oneshot]

No real romance or anything, really, though there is some SasuSaku interaction that could possibly be construed as that... though it's not even close... *coughs* It's a weird, weird ficlet. WEIRD.

Don't ask me how my twisted mind came up with the idea. I have no idea.
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( Jul. 13th, 2004 11:45 pm)
Well, I just mostly gave up on that Naruto ficlet I wrote the other night, and posted it to FF.N after very slight editing and additions. It's probably crap, but I can't get into writing any more of it, even just editing.

Title: Lambency
[an appearance of reflected light]
Rating: PG-13, for implied sexual relationships
Spoilers: None really, as it's blatantly ignoring latest manga arc
Summary: The differences didn't matter, because even if she loved the two of them in different ways, the three of them loved each other in all the same. [SasuSakuNaru]

So, there it is if anyone wants to read it. Like I said, it's probably crap, but... I'm just happy I wrote something at all! Plus, for the first time in... ah... God, it'll be three years this Thursday... since I've written anything but Inuyasha fic. Even if it is just a short, roughly 500-words ficlet.

Oh, and I wore one of Bri's t-shirts today. It was really amusing, because Mom put it in my closet by accident, and I thought it was nice, so I wore it. Bri stared at me for a second when she saw me, but then just shrugged. He doesn't care about anything, the apathetic boy. Hrmph. Anyway, it's comfy. It says a lot about our respective body types, as it's sort of tight on me (especially around the chest), but loose on Bri. I suppose that would have to do with me weighing more than him... and having E-cups... which he does not. Thank God, that would be disturbing.
I wrote another drabble. I figured I've lazed about enough. ^-^

Draco/Ginny drabble: Amber Eyes )

Not really sure, wrote it quickly and edited heavily. It's still not the best I've written, but it's the best I can get it. ^-^
I wrote my first ever drabble while I talked to [ profile] cynic_in_charge on AIM. XD Somehow I always end up attempting to write after I talk to her...

Inuyasha/Kagome drabble: Bend )

I'm not entirely pleased, even after a quick and dirty edit job, but it's good enough. XD

[Edit: Cut out the last line...]


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