Well, last week was bad. I was sick and my laptop never worked (I ended up returning the damn thing after I spent five hours over a period of two days talking to four different customer support technicians and they finally told me they couldn't fix the thing and to just return it, and a few emails with Amazon.com support later, I was told they didn't feel I should have it replaced and to just return it (which was really just them politely refusing to replace it because they didn't feel it was their problem), I had to pay $23 to ship it back, man, was I ever frustrated), and my desktop is messed up TOO, and a few other things that are minor in the long run but on top of everything else, really didn't help at all. By Friday, I was sick (again) and I went into work at JCPenney anyway because I'd called off on Monday and was there about two and a half hours before I couldn't take it anymore, went home to check to make sure they'd gotten my schedule right for THIS week (long story, it got switched around because of stuff at the bank) and found out that I wasn't scheduled to work that Friday ANYWAY. I'd gone into work sick when I wasn't even supposed to be working! And no one told me, and they made me jump through hoops when I wanted to go home sick! I was... so exhausted and miserable and probably the slightest thing would've set me into a sobbing fit by that point.

I'm really not joking. Just... stress. I was fine before, but even if I like the new job it's still stressful, and I'm still learning and it didn't take much to push me over. I'm still probably a crying jag waiting to happen, because this week is starting out worse than last week. After that bad week, I went to work at the bank Saturday morning, and then had the rest of the day to unwind from everything.

Saturday night (it was 2am, so technically Sunday), I was lying awake in bed because... well, I tend to do that. Insomniac and all. So, lying awake and my mom walks in to say my dad's really sick and in agonizing pain and she's rushing him to the emergency room. It being 2am and me not being really awake, I kinda agreed and once she was gone kinda freaked... It's good I didn't actually panic before they'd left, because I found out later Mom was barely holding it together.

Spent four or five hours in the hospital Sunday afternoon, during which Dad got a couple more tests done and we were told nothing except that it wasn't a heart attack before he got let go. Then yesterday, we found out that it was his gall bladder and he'd need surgery most probably, and I spent the afternoon (I was at work in the morning) driving him FROM and then back TO the hospital and running errands and then my grandparents came home from Florida, so two hours visiting.

And then sometime around 6:20 this morning, Mom woke me up to tell me that Dad was having another attack, and it was another trip to the emergency room, and then about two hours ago, I got a call saying he has to have surgery today, sometime between noon and 3, to have his gall bladder removed, so we'll see how that goes.

I've really got to take a shower so I'll be ready to go up there and wait when Mom calls to tell me when he's having the surgery exactly, but I feel like crap. My head is killing me.

Today's my day off. I was going to use it to do laundry and go shopping--Mom's birthday is tomorrow, and she really deserves a fantastic present, plus I have a good friend's college graduation party this Saturday and I need a present for that too. No more days off. The end of this week isn't looking too great either. Not sure how Dad's recovery time is going to be, or even how long he'll be in the hospital since we won't know until after he's had the surgery.

It's just... long two weeks, I'm betting. Very long. And so very stressful. And sometime as soon as possible I have to call Brian and get that information I still need to fix my desktop, which really needs fixing now that the laptop is gone. My head hurts. A lot.

Edit: Naturally, the minute I post this is the minute I get the phone call from Mom to say that Dad's just going into surgery and I have to get up there as soon as possible. Augh. Still no shower.
So today has... hm, what's the a good way to say it? Today has sucked ass. Well, less today and more this evening.

I haven't said anything about it because it didn't feel right until I actually had the thing, but I ordered a laptop last week. It arrived on Monday, and I started it up, only to find that I couldn't connect to the internet wirelessly. Okay, all right. It happens. Dad was having trouble with his wireless too, and Brian was coming home Tuesday night (to go to the dentist, long story) so I just waited.

And Tuesday was... last night, so anyway, last night Brian came home! Yay! And got the wireless internet working for Dad. Only still not for me. So he worked on that for a couple hours, but seriously, he had homework and he'd just has a three hour drive only to spend hours working on a computer, knowing he had to be up early to go to the dentist and then leave for another three hour drive? I didn't push him. I felt bad enough making him spend a couple hours trying as is.

So I called tech support right when I got home from work today, and spent three hours on the phone with them, and it's still not fixed.

Can I please tear out my hair now? I mean, I get it's confusing. It really is. I can connect to the router, but I can't connect from the router to the internet. I baffled tech support. It really sucked, and I felt kinda bad about it. The first person I talked to was a nice guy with a cute voice, and he started out sweet and positive, and then by the end, he sounded... strained. I felt a little guilty.

They did give me a few options that I want to ask Brian about, but honestly I'm pretty sure he already did them. So the other thing they suggested is getting a new network card.

Why did I want a new laptop again? Because I ordered a laptop only to find out that there's something freaking wrong with it, I might as well return the damn thing. AUGH. Only if I return it, I'd really want to exchange it for the same thing. I love this notebook. I mean, I really really love it. I drooled over it, and it's even better in person than I thought it would be! (Except... you know, that it doesn't work.)

I really have no idea what I want to do if I talk to Brian and he's done the things they've suggested already... is it really worth getting a new network card, which by the way, I couldn't freaking install ANYWAY? Brian could do it, but I don't think he's going to be coming home again anytime soon.

I have a headache. And a backache (I had to do a lot of bending to do some of the stuff they suggested... don't ask). And I'm really tired.
So, it's been a while since I've posted. Or read my friends list. Or... talked to much of anyone. Yeah. Um. It's been a bad couple of weeks and I couldn't quite figure out what to say, how to say it, or even if I wanted to say it. It's just been a really bad couple of weeks.

Thanks for everyone who gave their condolances about my great-grandmother. I can't remember if I got back with everyone or not--it was just about the time of my last entry that I started to fall apart about her, and I was fairly hysterical for the next few days after. It didn't help that after the funeral, there was a bunch of family drama involving her will. No one was fighting over it, but there was drama and readjusting who got what and then my great-aunt screwed my grandfather over (again, not over who got what, since she got disinherited and my grandpa was nicely giving her more money) and my family was worried that Grandpa would have a heart attack or something. He was already so upset, visiting Great-Grandma's grave two or three times a day, and then she just abandoned him when she could've been helping him.

Apparently the process of finishing all the last few things with the will and selling stuff and... stuff... is going to take months, at least. Grandpa seems to be doing better, though, so that's something at least.

I don't really know other than that. I was already kind of on the verge of being fucked up, and I've kinda-sorta started seeing a therapist again. I saw him once before my great-grandma died, and then he went on vacation, so I'm not seeing him again until the end of the month.

I just can't really force myself to feel much interest in anything right now. It doesn't help that last night the power went out for about two hours and then when it came back on, I found out that my computer was completely fried in a power surge. So much for my surge protector, huh?

Brian thinks it's either the motherboard, the processor or... something else, I forget what. He said it's probably the motherboard, which should still be under warranty. Buuuuut... the guy that built it and can look at it to say for sure just went on vacation. Or will be going on vacation within a half an hour. So I won't know for sure until next week, unless I want to pay fifty fucking dollars to take it to a computer repair shop. I don't really want to pay, so I'm stuck on my crappy laptop until then.

I suppose I should just be thankful it likely isn't my hard drive.

There's been other stuff going on too, but mostly just little minor things. So... nothing really tragic happened, I guess, but I was already fairly fucked up in the head, so now I'm just on the verge of... something. Probably a nervous breakdown. Or something. God, I don't know. Shit. Um, anyway, no friends list for me for probably a long time. I'm going to be taking a break from livejournal, and just watch, now that I've said it, I'll probably be on it obsessively within the next few days, just because my life is like that. But honestly, more than likely I'm going to be gone. No real loss, and more than likely no one would've even realized I wasn't around.

...um, why does my laptop seem to think it's November 2002? Dammit, this is such a pain in the ass.
I HATE my school internet connection. It's been nothing but a pain since I got here, constantly disconnecting me from AIM and MSN, or hell, not letting me on in the first place. My roomie STILL has to work around the connection just to log in, and we don't know what that's about.

But now it isn't letting me on IRC at ALL, and okay, maybe it's some issue with my firewall or something, but I've been trying all day and it's just got me so frustrated that I just want to lay down and bawl, and I refuse to ask for help except from Nathan, and he vanished a while back and... and... AUGH.

I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry.

...that my computer might be fixed! Well, the freezing thing, anyway. Over the weekend, Brian's friend Kiel took a look at it. The plan was for him to reformat the whole computer in hopes that it would kill two birds (the freezing and the missing WinXP appearance and style) with one stone. Once he got the computer, though, Kiel decided he wanted to see it freeze before he reformatted it, just in case he could figure out what was wrong. There was just one problem.

It wouldn't freeze.

This might possibly be because of the other problem I asked him to fix. See, at the same time the computer started freezing, the login set-up was hijacked by some program called Client Services for NetWare. Basically, it made the classic login screen the only option for logging on, and I wanted to use the welcome screen option.

At the time, I did some research and found that it was just a pain-in-the-ass program that I'd have to remove if I wanted to change the login setup. It took me a while to find the program, but it turned out to be part of the networking set-up, and removing it fucked up the internet connection in a way that I didn't have the skills to fix, so it had to stay. It wasn't a major problem, and I didn't care very much if it stayed for a while, just as long as I got rid of it eventually. And then, after a while, I nearly forgot about it.

Last week, before taking it home, I'd had an inkling. "Hey," I thought, "couldn't it mean something that the Client Services for NetWare problem with the login showed up at the same time that the freezing started? Especially since it's connected to the networking?"

I didn't really think that could be the problem, but I mentioned my thought to Brian anyway. He figured it was as good a guess as any. Since I wanted it removed anyway, it was just a matter of telling Kiel to get rid of it.

It's been four days since he removed it, and my computer hasn't frozen once. I don't know whether to be impressed with my own genius, or annoyed that I didn't think of it sooner. I'm still not sure the problem is fixed--this is the longest it's ever gone without freezing, but it could just be going for a new record--but I'm tentatively optimistic.

I'm not sure how long it will take for tentative optimism to turn into belief. Probably a few weeks. I've had my hopes dashed too many times to trust without a really long test period. I probably won't be completely sure for a whole month. But! Tentatively optimistic works for now.

ETA: I forgot to say that everything is not all well in the world of Jennie's computer just yet. Kiel says I won't be able to get the WinXP style back without reformatting. It's not necessary to have it, so now it's just up to me to decide whether I want it badly enough to reformat. I'm not sure what I'm going to decide... I really hate the classic style, but I don't know if I hate it enough to reformat.
I got a call back from the University Computer Center yesterday about the problems they caused. They told me to bring it in so they could fix it. It took them over an hour to realize they could fix the two simple issues (though it took a good half an hour), but the WinXP style setting is just GONE. I mean, it is gone. One person said they thought a registry key got accidentally deleted, though I didn't understand why she came to that conclusion, and only a hack or reformatting would fix it. They wanted to keep it to work on it some more, but I decided... um, no. Not giving it back to them. I wouldn't even let them take it away from the front desk, because I wanted to see EVERYTHING they were doing. Like I'd let them keep it and ruin more stuff!

How do you accidentally delete a registry key, anyway? *bewildered*

On a brighter note, I did get to make them feel really bad when I kept repeating things like, "I trusted this place to try to fix my computer, and I just got more problems." Oh, it was so cathartic.

I'm just going to have Brian work on it the next time I go home. He said he and his friend want to do some sort of complicated type of reformat (maybe it's not complicated, I dunno, but I didn't understand it). That should fix the style, but I don't know about the freezing problem. If it doesn't, I'll just take it into a repair shop. That's what I was planning to do, anyway.
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( Sep. 29th, 2005 06:09 pm)
Just back from picking up my computer. First thing I noticed: they totally fucked with my display settings. Can't get them back to normal. Have tried everything. New settings making me dizzy. Resisting urge to 1) go back to computer center and murder everyone I see, and 2) kill myself.

Have incredible migraine.

ETA: Okay. What. The. Fuck. They UNINSTALLED my Google Toolbar. My precious, darling google toolbar. And so of course I went to reinstall it... and it WON'T INSTALL. It goes through the install process, and says it's done and completely and working (and there's a little arrow pointing up!), but it's NOT THERE.

Holy fucking shit, I'm going to kill someone. I'm going to KILL SOMEONE.

ETA 2: Instead of the google toolbar, there's some annoying "PopUp Blocker" in my Internet Options. Every time it blocks something, a little toolbar appears that says "Blocked a popup!" and I have to manually close it.


ETA 3: And, of course, it just froze on me. I didn't really expect them to fix it, but I figured if they totally screwed it up, they'd at least have fixed the original problem as compensation. BUT NO. I GAVE THEM MY COMPUTER TO FIX, AND NOT ONLY DID THEY NOT FIX IT, THEY SCREWED IT UP WORSE.

I'm too upset to be angry anymore. Now I'm just fighting the urge to start bawling.
I finally got around to taking my computer to the information technologies center at the university here. Apparently they can't do anything everything, so I might end up having to take it to a computer repair shop ANYWAY. It figures.

I finally got my laptop working properly. Apparently the anti-virus program I had on here was total crap, because I used the anti-virus cd IT gave me for my desktop on my laptop, and yeah... lots of viruses. That would explain why it needed to be rebooted every five minutes, wouldn't it?

But all this time on my laptop has me regretting the fact that I asked Dad for a desktop instead of a laptop. In retrospect, that would've been the better choice. DAMMIT, I could just kick myself. *sigh* Oh, well, can't do anything about it now. I'm a bit too late to change my mind.

You know, at least I have this old laptop. And now that it works, that means I have two working computers here in my dorm, and one at home! I feel so special. Kind of.

Astronomy exam tomorrow, and I've barely studied. I know the material well enough that I just can't focus on it long enought to study. *scowl* It's all multiple choice, though, so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I've learned the material as well as I hope I have.

School food sucks. Every single week I've been here, I've gotten sick at least one day a week from the food. DAMMIT, it hurts. As a first year student, I was required to get one of the larger meal plans, too, and I'm barely using it because it's constantly making me sick. Instead, I'm eating food I buy at the grocery store. Oh, god, it's enough of a waste of money to make me ILL. Oh, except I ALREADY AM.

ETA: My day wasn't all this bad. In my 8am English class, I got my 4 page paper back. 95%! Only one point off. *glee* And then right after that, I had an advising meeting and I scheduled all my classes for next semester and they're awesome! So I had a good morning, at least.
Wow... yesterday, my laptop needed to reboot about every hour. I spent most of the time yesterday downloading Windows patches for it, and then this morning I defragged even though it said it didn't need it, and now it is REALLY fast. And not screwing up every hour, hopefully.

I might just keep using this for a while... if it doesn't need rebooted every second, it will be a lot better than the desktop that freezes randomly.

The desktop, by the way, is still not connected to the internet. It's been on, unconnected, for 36 hours straight. And as Kiel suspected, NO FREEZING. So whatever is wrong with that desktop, it has something to do with being connected to the internet. I even worried that maybe it wouldn't freeze if it just sat idle, so I spent ALL of yesterday watching movies on it. While it renewed my love for the original Star Wars trilogy, it did not, sadly, help me figure out what was wrong.
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( Sep. 4th, 2005 03:48 pm)
So bizarre. Right now I'm on my laptop. I've been using my desktop to watch movies, it's completely unplugged from the network. It's been on for 15 hours... and it hasn't frozen ONCE. Not once. Brian's friend Kiel suggested it... he said unconnect it from the internet, and see if it freezes because it might be a network problem. It doesn't freeze.

It can't be the school's network, though, because it froze twice at home last weekend, connected at home. I don't GET it, I just don't.

I suppose one good thing is that I will have something more to tell the school's computer center if they ever call me back.

Katie went home for the weekend, so I've had a four person suite all to myself for the past three days or so. She's coming back tomorrow, and I'm relieved. It's very lonely here... and not to mention if I fell and hit my head or something, no one would know until she came back. I could be dead in here for days! Well, one day now.

I say this because Friday evening, I nearly did fall and kill myself. That wasn't my best moment. Mom is making me call her every day, though, so I suppose I'm just exaggerating. I wouldn't be lying here dead for days, because Mom would totally freak out if I didn't call. She'd throw a fit and make someone come and check on me.

I need to buy more movies with Colin Firth in them. Because seriously, that man is hot. I watched Love Actually last night, and six hours of Pride and Prejudice this afternoon, and now I'm watching the ending of Love Actually again. I love Colin's proposal... best proposal EVER. I want someone to learn a foreign language just to propose to ME. That would rule. Also, I pretty much like all the endings of each storyline in this movie, so yeah...

Have no idea what movie to watch next, but I'm refused to just let my desktop sit inactive. If I let it sit inactive and it never freezes, then I can't be sure that it isn't freezing because it's not in use.

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( Sep. 1st, 2005 02:44 pm)
Uwaaahh... so many annoyances, so little time to complain about them all.

Classes are still going fine, and I'm hoping to start up with extracurricular activities soon. There's an anime club meeting tomorrow night (I am going to feel like SUCH a geek, there were only boys' names written down that I saw), and next week is an informational meeting for Habitat for Humanity. When I told Katie about it, she decided she wanted to go too. I've always wanted to get involved with Habitat for Humanity, it's such an amazing way to help out a community and families.

I was only going to complain in this entry, but now that I mentioned extracurricular activities, I have to squee about the Anthropology Society. No, I didn't join, although I really thought I might enjoy it. I won their raffle! There was a Student Activities Fair yesterday, and they had a raffle. This guy from the group totally caught me off guard and tried to sell me tickets. At first I said no, but then he pointed out the prizes and I was so in. The ticket was only a dollar, and I won! So it was worth it. I was the last name picked (ten winners) so I got a choice of three items, some woven potholders, a little carved giraffe that was REALLY beautiful and I was pained to turn down, and a decent sized coffee mug with a picture of an eagle. I needed a coffee mug, so I picked that one. I'd been drinking my cappucino in a plastic cup, and it wasn't working out so well.

Even though I've already used the mug twice, and I like it very much, I'm still sort of kicking myself for not picking the giraffe. It really was awesome... but knowing me, I'd have thrown it somewhere and never seen it again.

Um, back to complaints!

Information Technologies still isn't returning my calls about my computer, so that sucks a lot. My plan was to try to get them to help me until I got my refund, at which point I would promptly go to a computer repair shop instead. That's not exactly going to work out well, because I just got back from the Bursar's Office, and my refund check isn't getting mailed out until nearly the end of next month. Talk about a crushing blow... that's my only source of income for the next year, and as of tomorrow, I'll have about $60 to my name. $60 is not exactly going to last me a month (especially not with gas prices the way they are at the moment). Not unless I learn to really, really scrimp and save, and I don't think that's possible right now.

I called Dad and told him to ask Mom to cash in another one of my savings bonds, so I should have at least $100 to last out the month. I can live on $100 a month without... much pain. I won't be able to drive home whenever it pleases me, but I will be able to go home probably two times without worrying about how much money I will have left to live on. I'm not even sure I'll want to go home two times, but I know I'm at least going home next weekend. I have to pick up the refills for my prescriptions, it is not exactly an option to forgo that visit.

This also means I will be living with a computer that freezes constantly for almost an entire month. I was told the refund check would be mailed out around September 25th, so that is the very earliest I could possibly have it into a repair shop. That is not considering the time it will take to actually get to my mail box at my dorm, and then I will have to drive home to my bank to deposit it. So probably until October... I am not exactly a happy person at the moment.

The only way I could have it sooner is if I open a new checking and savings account at a new bank... there's one actually on campus, and I am almost positive that there's one in my hometown, too. It won't be as close to my home as the one I'm at now, but considering I will be living here for nine months out of the year, I think that is more important. I'll ask Mom for her opinion, since it's the bank she used to work at when I was a kid... I think she and Dad still have checking through it, too. I picked up some information pamplets they had on what their student accounts have.

My only real beef at the moment is that they only give you 50 free checks, and the bank I'm at now gave me 200 free checks. 200 is a lot more than 50, but... well, it is something to take into account, anyway.

ETA: Oh, and I forgot to mention that I've been taking the allergy meds that my mom gave me, and they work like a charm. Once in the morning, and I barely itch and sneeze at all! Or not at all, even! Those pills are a gift from God. <3
Back at school again! Drive up was fine, unpacking was fine (even if it's really hot outside), everything's fine.

Except that my computer's not fixed after all... Last night, I left it on all night long, downloading something, and when I checked it this morning, it was frozen again. Then before I left, it froze again when I wasn't downloading anything at all. It just figures. Brian had gone to work before I woke up, so I couldn't have him look at it... not that I thought he'd be able to do anything about it.

At least now I know that it's not anything with the temp files, because Brian totally cleaned those out for me. The computer isn't finding any problems at all.

I'll just wait until I get the refund check from my loan, and go out to find a computer repair shop. Hopefully they will be able to figure out what's going on.

Oh, and Jen's moving out of our suite. Complete surprise to me... I'm really sad about that. Hopefully we will still hang out sometimes, because I like her a lot. I'm closer to Jen than Katie, but I'm glad Jen is the one moving out because I don't want to have to deal with a new roommate. Two new suitemates is far preferable to that.
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( Aug. 26th, 2005 11:49 pm)
So... I'm home for the weekend, and Brian's possibly got my computer fixed already. We're not sure, since the only way to tell is if it freezes again, so Jimmy's currently using it in an attempt to have it freeze.

I went to the first football game of the season for my old high school... they actually won. They only win (sometimes) one game in a season, so I'm pretty pleased that I got to see it. I felt a little school spirit! And the whole reason I went was to see Jimmy play in the band, and I did, so that was overall a decent (if boring, since I don't really like football) experience.

I'm tired, I'm bored, I'm exhausted, I have absolutely nothing else to say.
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( Aug. 22nd, 2005 10:26 pm)
I am absolutely dead tired. I should probably go to bed right now, since I have to get up for my 8am class tomorrow, but I can't quite make myself do it yet. It's sort of ridiculous, because I can barely keep my eyes open.

Classes went okay, today. I love the campus, I love being here, and I think this semester is going to go really well. I did all my homework already, but who knows how long I'll keep that up? A long time, hopefully.

I called the school's computer help center, but all they told me to do was to reboot in safe mode, and then they hung up. Safe mode did not help... I'm vaguely annoyed about that. They didn't even let me ask my other question. I'll call back tomorrow... if they hang up on me again, I'll call again. And again. And again. Surely I will get some decent help at SOME point.

Perhaps I'm a bit naive...
Whee, so everyone's all moved in. Katie seems nice enough, and it's certainly good not to have a half-empty room. I definitely prefer a room full of stuff.

Classes start tomorrow... my first class isn't until 1pm, so I get to sleep in! Wheeeeeee!

Computer is under control, most likely will have to reformat, but I'm going to call the campus computer people when I get a chance, to see if they can help at all.

I've got a gigantic headache right now, so I'll just end the entry on that note. :D
...well, this is just weird. I think I've figured out what's wrong with my computer, but there's absolutely no way I can think of to fix it. I'm positive that it's my temporary internet files, because constantly cleaning them out keeps the computer from freezing. Unfortunately, there are always 104 files that will not be deleted. 104 problem files, that is. I run Norton SystemWorks' One Button Checkup, and it always leaves behind 104 problem files.

It doesn't help that I'm getting more problem files like crazy... I can sit here and repeatedly hit the scan and fix buttons--that's ALL I'm doing--and I will get more problem files without even a second's delay. It's an average of a new problem file every five seconds or so... that means that if I don't sit there and do the one button checkup every fifteen minutes or so, I'll have about 600 problem files in the temporary internet files. What is with that? Does anyone know anything about computers? I know that is not normal, because it certainly wasn't on my old computer.

I've tried everything I can to completely clear out all those kinds of files, but those 104 problem files stick around. No matter what I try... no matter which program I use to clean them out. I don't get it! It's absolutely bizarre!

ETA: Oh, and I forgot to say that all my anti-virus and adaware programs aren't picking anything up, and I'm running them every so often, too. The only thing that's wrong with my computer is those stupid 104 problem files, and if my anti-virus and adaware programs don't see anything wrong with them, I don't see anything else I can do!
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( Aug. 20th, 2005 12:21 am)
Today I went shopping with my roommate to get a bunch of stuff for our suite. Jen and I (she's the one in the other bedroom, Katie still hasn't moved in yet) went to Wal-Mart first, and got rugs and soap and all sorts of neat things. I picked up a coffee pot, too, on the advice of [livejournal.com profile] catwho! Hee, I've always wanted a coffee pot... not that I actually drink coffee. But it can be used to make ramen, and cappucino, and Jen likes tea, so it will come in handy a lot, I think.

I also picked up a Chlorox ReadyMop, because the floors? Disgustingly dirty. After we got back, I mopped the entire place. Used up almost all the pads the mop came with, if that tells you anything, and I still didn't get the whole place. It's not that big a suite, seriously. After I had it all mopped, I set up my room and the living room, and... well, now it actually feels like someplace I can stand to live in for the next nine months.

Computer was freezing almost constantly today, every time I tried to open IE, but I ran a few programs, cleaned out the temporary internet files and stuff, and now it's letting me on. I hope that works... at least now if I disappear for a while, you'll all know why!
At home, this was a super awesome computer, so far, here at school... it sucks. Not just minor sucks, but black hole sucks. I've had to reboot twice (and I'm talking hitting-the-button reboot, not going through Start and hitting "shut down"), my mouse has stopped working (right in the middle of using it, for no apparent reason at all), my monitor has stopped working once, and... well, that's all. But that's definitely black hole level suckage, if you ask me. And I've barely been on it for an hour and a half, total, since I moved in?

That is just sad.

The keyboard does kick ass, though.

On the first time being away from home for good thing: I MISS MY MOMMY. AND MY BROTHERS. AND MY DAD. OH, AND MY PUPPY, OF COURSE.

Other than that, it's going pretty good. :D I got a free t-shirt at the floor meeting~!
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( Aug. 16th, 2005 12:17 am)
Seriously, where is my brother? Because it's one thing to have my old computer torn apart on my bed in the middle of the day, but it is completely another to have it there at night when I want to go to sleep.

Also, am still without music. Am going to start ripping my hair out in fistfuls if I have to spend much longer on a soundless computer. NO REALLY.

(My new computer really does totally kick ass, though. ♥♥)
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( Aug. 15th, 2005 02:17 pm)
Brian decided today was the day to transfer files from my old computer onto my new computer. So we did! Only... he lost a tiny little part necessary to something-or-other, so now guess what?

I'm writing this using my new computer! Well, okay, same old monitor and keyboard and mouse and desk and everything, but the actual computer is wicked!
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( Aug. 9th, 2005 06:28 pm)
Dad is telling Mom that I sat and hugged my new computer for ten minutes when he showed it to me.

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( Aug. 7th, 2005 06:18 pm)

I need to go to the chiropractor again. I was fine for a week or so, but now my entire back is cramped up and I can't stand the pain. I wonder if it would have happened if I hadn't been doing all that kneeling and crouching to dust at work. I was used to 10 or 11 hours a week (I know, ridiculously little) and now I've been bumped up to 25 or 26 hours a week.

To make matters worse, this is the week that my new manager has decided to stick me back into the clothing departments. I haven't been in the clothing departments regularly since November, at least, so I'm going to be relearning everything, and I've only got a week and a half left before my last day of work. This is stress that I did not especially need right now.

I'm also excited because it's now absolutely certain that I'm going to have my new computer by the end of next week at the latest. Brian and Kiel ordered all the parts on Wednesday night, and they should have all arrived by Tuesday. Then it's just a matter of finding a day for the two of them to get together to build it. I'm really excited--Brian has assured me that it's a really awesome computer. He's actually a little jealous, he said, because they found some really good deals so I got better parts than I'd asked for. He's getting a really amazing laptop that I'm jealous of, though, so it all works out. Oh, and it is 90% certain that Dad is also getting me a flat-screen monitor. Kiel said Office Max has decent ones for $220, and sometimes there's a $50 rebate, so Dad's going to watch the ads this weekend and see what he can get.

On a more fandom front, I'm actually really getting back into Naruto. I think it wasn't a coincidence that I lost interest just as Sasuke vanished. It's not that I'm a particularly huge Sasuke fan, it's just that... well, it's not really interesting without him. Naruto needs a Sasuke. He just does. I'm not a huge Sasuke fan, like I said, but I am a huge Team 7 fan. I can stand them being apart just as long as it's temporary, but Sasuke hasn't been in the manga since like, what, going on a year now, with no hint that he'll be showing up anytime soon?

Um, anyway, clearly it isn't the manga that I've suddenly taken interest in again, because Sasuke is still vanished. I just realized the other day that I was starving for Sasuke and so I've been reading every Sasuke-centric, Team 7, and NaruSasu fic I can get my hands on. It's working for now... I'm completely into Naruto again. I just don't know how long I can keep it up!

Speaking of which, I'm still desperate for fic. Can anyone recommend a well-characterized fic either about Sasuke, or just having a lot of him in it?
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( Aug. 2nd, 2005 06:24 pm)
Well, I finally decided it was time to get highlights again. I'd called a few salons and found out that highlighting is incredibly expensive (I am not paying $50 for some colored streaks in my hair--I'm poor enough as it is), so I went to the local beauty academy instead. They have half off coloring on Tuesdays, so I got really nice blonde highlights for $16.25. Wheeeee!

Kiel got home from Africa late last night, so today he and Brian were supposed to get the parts for my computer. I don't know if they did or not, Brian had to go to work and I was at the salon getting my hair done, so I guess I'll find out after he gets off. I'll have to give approval for everything, of course, but they were supposed to have a list of parts.

We do have to get everything ordered today, because Kiel and Brian have to go to their school Wednesday and Thursday (they're leaving at 4am tomorrow morning) to do scheduling and placement tests. Since I only have just over two weeks before I move in, they have to rush on that to make sure they'll have the parts in time to build it. Brian and Kiel still have until a whole month yet, so they're not in such a hurry.

Speaking of my computer, Dad might be getting me that flat-screen monitor after all! He said we'll see what kind of bargains Kiel can find... I have a lot of faith in Kiel, so I'd better be getting that monitor!
I think I forgot to say something about it, but due to recent... um... communications, I think my roommate might be psycho. More on that later, right now I have other stuff to talk about.

Earlier today, I realized I had yet to show my brother the email from my crazy roommate, so I ran off to do that. As expected, he thought it was hilarious (his ill-concealed grin and snickers made that obvious enough) and he told me good luck.

Then it got weird... I stuck around to talk to him, and we ended up talking for two or three hours straight, just the two of us. Mom, Dad and Jimmy were away for the weekend. It was weird, but nice. Mostly we just talked about college stuff, but other various things too. Like his best friend Kiel's African hunting trip. I now know way more than I ever wanted to know about hunting licenses. I've seen pictures, too. I have never in my life wanted to see pictures of murdered animals.

Brian found that funny, too.

But! Then! We were discussing computers, what he's been looking at and my thoughts on how I could wheedle Dad into buying me a monitor, and I was looking through this computer magazine Dad got. It's called the College Buying Guide or something. I'd actually sort of changed my mind about getting a desktop and was looking at laptops, but then! Then! I saw something I really liked.

So now I'm thinking about getting an Apple iMac G5. It has everything I want in a computer, and it's cool looking, and Brian approves. That's all three of my qualifications! ("Everything I want" just counts as one qualification, really.) Plus, the monitor is the computer, so I would totally have no more monitor problems. Now I just have to hope Dad will agree to get it for me... it's $1,200, and you get a free iPod mini. That's a good deal! It's just an AWFUL lot of money. @_@ Brian says he doesn't see why Dad wouldn't get it for me, though. I'm hoping he's right!

I do have to catch Dad alone before I ask him, though, because I'm not sure if he's told Mom he's buying us computers. I can't see Mom being okay with that, and the fact that she hasn't attacked me to complain speaks very strongly that he hasn't told her yet. My hope is that she won't find out until after they're ordered. :D That way she can't attempt to talk us out of it! Not that I think Dad would be talked out of it. She'd just attempt and see it's pointless, and then Brian and I would be subjected to her frustration, anger and... ranting. Lots of ranting. Neither of us are eager for that to happen. If it has to, I'd prefer it to be after it's all said and done... knowing I have a new computer on the way will give me a happy feeling that just might erase the horrors of Mom-ranting!

So, does anyone have anything negative to say about iMac?
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( Jul. 15th, 2005 02:12 pm)
I caught Brian and Jimmy looking at a computer magazine. Brian was visibly excited, so I went in to see what was up.

It turns out that while Dad told me he might get Brian and I computers, he told Brian TO ASK FOR HIS CREDIT CARD when he was ready to start building his computer!

No wonder Brian was visibly excited. Usually "Brian excited" isn't much different from "Brian in a decently good mood," but he was obviously giddy.

And what's more--while they were discussing this, Dad pretty much made it obvious there is practically no limit to how much we can spend. He pointed out a laptop to Brian that was 1,259.99! I know, that's not an incredible amount to spend on a computer, but it's about two or three times as much as I've ever considered spending on a computer, and a hell of a lot more they've ever spent on the family computers!

So when Brian's friend Kiel comes home from Africa at the beginning of August (don't ask), he and Brian are getting together to build computers for themselves (Kiel is Brian's roommate too). And while they're at it, they're going to build one for me, too. ANYTHING I WANT, BABY. ANYTHING! I wouldn't want anything that would make it even reasonably close to 1,259.99, so that means anything!

Excuse me while I go off to die of happiness.

ETA: ...anything, apparently, except a new monitor, which I almost want more than I want a new computer. I just knew this was too good to be true. ;_;


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