So, I think only one person knows that I've been considering applying to CFUD. Kind of, off and on. Well, when the announcement a few days ago came that apps were opening up this weekend (I think it's this weekend) came, I finally decided I might as well send in the app I wrote ages ago. Tentative decision, anyway. I figured I wouldn't get accepted anyway.

But then just as I thought I'd go look the app over again to refresh and see if I still felt I could play that character, I realized that it's saved on my desktop.

The desktop that I dropped off to the IT center yesterday, that they won't have back to me until next week at the earliest.

I'm taking it as a sign that I'm just not supposed to roleplay. Ever. It's surprisingly soothing.
...why is ItaNeji not canon? No, seriously. *WHIMPER*

Camp Fuck You Die is warping my brain.

And why don't I have either a Neji or an Itachi icon? I've got like half a dozen Naruto, but no Itachi? Shame on me.

ETA: [ profile] angels_requiem and [ profile] cynic_in_charge just disowned me! ;_; Whyyyyyy?!

ETA 2: But [ profile] naatz just said BAD JENNIE a few times. I win. :D
I'm going to be on vacation this weekend, Friday to Monday. We're going camping! So if I'm supposed to be doing something, or you need to tell me something, or... something, then do it before then! Okay? XD

[ profile] campfuckudie has driven me to seek out yet another series, oh noes~! I'm in the process of getting the first season of Kyou Kara Maou. Whee!

And now, 'tis time for bed. I've got to be up in the morning for work. Joy of joys.
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( Jun. 27th, 2005 12:17 am)
Yes! We have food in the house! Mom hates grocery shopping, so she puts it off as long as possible. When it's no longer possible to go without, she'll go to the store, but will only get a few things. So today I put my foot down and insisted that she really go shopping. I went with her to ensure this would happen! We got so much that it wouldn't fit in the trunk, so I had to fill up the back seat too. XD;; But yummy stuff!

We got our air conditioning back Saturday around noon, so all our doors and windows are firmly shut. Mom and Dad are very obsessive serious about this. All those groceries, and I had to open and close the door each time I came inside. It was not easy. There was juggling involved.

OMG I got an iced cappucino thingie OMG!! *glee*

I'm really, really tired. Really. I got about six hours of sleep at the very most the past two nights. More than likely closer to four or five hours. But... Truth or Dare thread in [ profile] campfuckudie!! ♥ ♥ ♥

I'll go to bed soon. Probably.


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