It would figure that I'd decide to start updating on the day before my paid account is set to expire. Typical me.

I'm not really sure why I'm posting. I think this week is so exhausting for me that writing all out helps me keep everything straight.

Today was... long. And now I have blisters. Why, why, why didn't I change out of my heels before I ran all my errands. And did my chores. And walked all over the mall. Whyyyyyy?

My brother is moving. And not just moving, but moving to South Carolina. We live in Ohio. That's... pretty far. Everyone's excited (he's got a job! It's fantastic! He's got an apartment and everything's set up and it's great!), but it's happened fast. We just found out the possibility of his move two weeks ago, and last week was when we found out it was for sure.

He's moving this weekend. So, the whole family is going to help him move! Right now, he lives three hours away in his college apartment. So Thursday night, right after work, we're packing up and driving down there. We should get there around 10pm. I'll be sleeping overnight on an air mattress, which will be... well, I'm sure I'll get a little sleep.

Friday morning, 6am, we're going to pack up all his things and make the 12 hour drive to SC. Hopefully we should get there around dinner time, which will give us time to get a lot of unpacking done between the five of us. We have no idea where we're going to be staying, whether it will be on the floor of his apartment or if we'll find a motel.

Saturday we'll finish unpacking if we have to, go shopping for more stuff for him if we have to, and hopefully somewhere we'll be able to fit in some sight-seeing. At least a little bit!

Sunday is the drive home, upon which I will collapse onto my bed and probably hug it for a
couple hours. I will miss that bed.

So with a just a few days to spare, we have to pack for a trip, buy furnishings for an apartment, and oh, on top of that?

Next week is my mother's 50th birthday, and we're throwing her a surprise birthday party. Guess who has tons of things to get done THIS WEEK to get ready for it? Me, that's who, with only tomorrow evening to get them done. Plus pack, plus fit in other odds and ends, plus make sure the dog is taken care of (which is an ordeal beyond imagining--there is a page with full paragraphs on how to feed her, whyyyyy is she so old?), plus RIP OUT ALL MY HAIR AND CRY.

Not to mention that I'm still involved with my company Relay For Life committee and this weekend is our huge garage sale filled entirely with donated items because we have an amazing bunch of employees, and I am basically abandoning a really good friend to do it almost entirely by herself at the very last minute and I feel horrible about it. So of course I'm trying to fit in an hour every day to help her organize and label everything. I hate leaving at the end of that hour, because there's piles and piles of things that still has to be done, and I honestly do not have even another half hour to give her.

Can I curl up into a ball and sleep now?
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