I am an eternal procrastinator. I also sort of plan things out in my head in great detail and then I feel so much satisfaction from my plan that actually following through feels like it just wouldn't live up to my expectations. Like, for example, posting on my livejournal.

I can make really detailed excuses, too.

I am apparently really good at my job. All my managers tell me so, and so do their managers, and every manager within the company who I've ever spoken with, and just last week, the CEO told me so. That was nice. Really, really nice.

Can you give me full-time, though? And benefits? I will take all the kudos, but more material things (like MONEY) would be my favorite.

Still, I like my job very much. There's something every day that I can feel pleased about, or feel that I did perfectly, or helped a customer more than really necessary. Even when the customer doesn't know that, I know that, and it makes me really happy. Of course, a lot of the time they do know that, and their thank you is the very best part of my job.

So work is still fantastic.

I started a diet a week and a half ago. I'm in a wedding in October, and I have to start picking out my bridesmaid's dress soon. The bride has some restrictions, but pending her approval, each bridesmaid gets to pick out her own dress. That's my motivation, and so far it's working. I tried losing weight last fall, but I ended up quitting and gaining all the weight back over the winter. Then right after the new year, I went through a rough time and gained a little more on top of that. I didn't realize it until about two weeks ago.

What a huge kick in the pants! I started the diet right after, and I'm not going to give up this time. Plus, I've told pretty much everyone I've ever met about the diet, so if I quit, the abject humiliation will make me start up again.

So far, I've lost 5 pounds. I'm pretty shocked at myself. My goal is 30. According to my BMI, I'm overweight by 40 pounds, so that's both realistic and it leaves me room to do even better. If my goal is 30 and I lose 40, I'll feel twice as successful.

The best part is that I'm not exercising that much yet. I just ate so much before that cutting out all the snack cakes and candy makes a huge difference. Eating healthy, keeping to a schedule and just paying attention to what I put in my mouth, plus going on walks every couple of days is not that hard. Once it warms up some more, I'll be walking every day and things will be even better.

I've always known it wasn't difficult for me to lose weight, but I have to change my eating habits to do it. It's hard for me. I love junk food. I would and have lived on junk food. I actually lost 10 pounds one summer eating nothing but Little Debbie snack cakes. I should feel shame, but it is kind of impressive? I always assumed it had something to do with malnutrition. Not really something I'd recommend to anyone.

And that's about half my life right now. Work and the diet!

This weekend, I'm going to South Carolina to do manual labor (ahahaha, my life's joy, a 13 hour drive to lift things for one day and then drive another 13 hours home, idek--more on that later?), so let's see if I can post again next week. This week? I have a list of things I have to do every day, and I don't think there's enough time to fit it all in. It's gonna be fun!
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