It occurs to me that telling myself every day that it might be nice to update livejournal is in fact not all that productive. Such is the way of me.

This month, I'm going to blame it on Star Trek, which has eaten my brain. Oh my god, I love that movie. I've seen it three times, once with my mother and twice by myself. I keep telling myself three times is enough, but the last time I went, they gave me a free movie ticket. I kind of feel like using it to see something other than Star Trek would be an affront to all things good and geeky.

And just to make me love the movie even more, in dragging my mom to see it, I found out that she actually watched the original series on television. I came close to crying. I knew I had to get my love of sci-fi tv shows and movies somewhere, but prior to then, it had remained a mystery. It totally made up for the fact that she still doesn't understand the storyline of the movie and I have explained it to her five times.

I decided to stop while I was ahead and not tell her that I ship Kirk/Spock.

Although, as a girl who watched Star Wars every day for an entire summer (usually more than once a day), should I should feel like I'm betraying something? Because I really, really don't.

And anyone looking for good Star Trek fics can check out my delicious bookmarks. I have gone from 2 Star Trek fics (both bookmarked at the time because they were crossovers with other series I'm a fan of) to 124 bookmarks in two and a half weeks. It's a new record for me!

ETA: Oh, I forgot! I have a dreamwidth account now. Username is ikarit, feel free to add me if you like. Not really using it for anything right now except as a backup.

I also have two invites. Just comment if you'd like one.

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Oh my gosh, I know right? I JUST got back from seeing Star Trek with my own mother. So awesome! And yes, I had to explain many, many things to her, even though she is quite an intelligent woman in many respects. It was an awesome experience, and I definitely want to see it again. What a pretty, pretty movie.

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My mom has common sense, I have... geek sense? It works.

Star Trek is definitely one of those movies worth multiple viewings! You absolutely need to see it again. If you're like me, you'll like it more the more you see it. Also, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto deserve legions of fangirls drooling over them.

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LMAOOO your icon is awesome. I've seen the movie sooo many times, and it still hasn't failed to make me cry, laugh, and then cry some more (but this time in joy.) Ridiculously good movie. I will never doubt JJ Abrahms again. CRHIS FIIIINE (heh, you know that's his last name) was just awesome.

And of course Kirk/Spock is my OTP. XD I made a button JUST for them in my userinfo too. ♥

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Haha, no, I think you're right. His name is definitely Chris Fine. XD I could stare at him ALL DAY. Especially when he's all dirty and bruised and bloody. Whoever made the call to have him look like that throughout like 99% of the movie was a GENIUS and deserves some kind of bonus, oh my god.

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YOU GIRL. UPDATE. I only know you're alive through Del!


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Haha, sorry! I read my flist every day but I never really have anything to post about. I will try.

Maybe. Probably!

I'll think about it?

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Found this writer. Inuyasha fandom. Quirky sense of humour. I'm in the middle of Impeccable. You might like her. :D


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Ummmm. I'm active on Facebook and to a lesser extent, Twitter! You could join there and then you'd have proof of life quite often?

But I guess if del isn't good enough... :(


Hm, interesting. I'll check out some of the stories!


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