Still liking my job. Last week, I overheard my new boss call me "awesome." It was a great feeling.

The full-time position at the branch closer to my house opened up for applications on Friday. I decided, after thinking it over this past weekend, that I'm not going to apply. Not only is it not likely that I'd get it because it was posted earlier than I thought it'd be, but even if it's full-time rather than part-time, it's not as good in the long run. It's only a receptionist position. Where I am now is technically a receptionist position, but I have more responsibilities and a higher chance of promotion later on.

Plus, my boss told me that she would not be at all surprised if it's a full-time position by the end of the summer. No guarantees, but that's okay. I keep saying that I want to take some business classes. If it's not full-time later, then I'll actually have the time to start taking them and no excuses not to. We'll see.

There is a very definite downside, though. If I'm not full-time soon, it will be quite a while before I can move out unless I find a roommate (unlikely). Ah, well. As my mom keeps telling me, it's better to stay home now and save.
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