I started a new job this week. It's still at the same credit union, but instead of being a teller, I'm a receptionist/new accounts support. Generally, the receptionists do not really do very many new accounts, since loan officers handle those, but the job is at a very small branch where there is one full-time loan officer, and one loan officer that is only there a couple days a week.

It's not so much a step up as it is a step sideways. Perhaps a bit up, but the pay is the same. I'll be getting about two or three more hours a week on average, but that was luck. When I applied, I was told it would be almost ten hours less than I was getting, but it was what I really wanted to do, and a good opportunity to get my foot in the door on that aspect. I was actually the only one who applied for the job. Not sure if it's because it's in a really out-of-the-way office or because it was advertised as only three days a week.

I'm also putting my hopes on something else... I already know a full-time receptionist position is opening up this summer. I know that every part-time teller is going to be applying for it in hopes of getting a full-time spot, but since I am the most recently hired employee who would be vying for the job, there was almost no chance I'd get it. I don't have the experience that every other single person working at the credit union has. Working as a part-time receptionist, though, gives me an edge. So I'm hoping for that!

I was completely terrified over the weekend, worried (as usual), I'd made a mistake in applying. I really loved the people I was working with before, and basically I'd just settled in there. But it's going well. It's a lot easier than teller training was, which is a surprise. I made it halfway through the first week of teller training before I came home and cried hysterically to my mother. Compared to that, this is wonderful.

It's... good. Certainly difficult, since I have to learn about CD rates and loan rates and mortgage information. I already know the basics, but nowhere near enough to be able to answer the in-depth questions I need to be able to explain in detail. But I'm learning fairly quickly, and I'll learn the rest! I need to start going to sleep a bit earlier when I'm in training though. I'm working 9 to 5 this week and next, and going to bed at my regular time of 12:30 is killing me.

Also, I joined Twitter earlier in the week. You can find me as ikarit. I will slowly be adding as many of you as I can!


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