I am still a little bit worked up, and my mind just keeps jumping around like I swallowed a bunch of caffeine pills. I don't really think I'm making that much sense.

Today was a boring day at work that ended with a shock. I know I haven't posted in a while, so, in case anyone (probably everyone) forgot, I'm working at a local credit union now as a teller. Started at the branch two minutes away from my house and I worked there for eight months, and then a month ago, they transferred me. They gave me two choices about where I would go, but it still sucked.

And then today. Am so, so glad I had the choice about which branch to transfer to, because the branch I didn't choose? Got robbed this afternoon.

I freaked out a little from the robbery, and then it occurred to me that I might have been there, and freaked out some more. Of course everyone is incredibly upset.

This is the fourth or fifth robbery locally just within the past few months, but it's the first one at any of our branches and I guess I just had a mentality where I thought it wouldn't actually happen to us. Rather silly, especially because there was an incident with a gun in another one of our branches a couple months ago.

It turned out to be a BB gun and not a real one, but still scary. Incredibly scary for me, because my mom also works at the same credit union as a teller, and that happened at her branch. I was incredibly proud of her at the time, because she was the teller who kept calm while a man waved around what everyone thought was a gun and called the cops.

I'm not too incredibly worried for myself, because my branch is, for a bunch of reasons, an unlikely target. But Mom's branch is probably the next obvious target after the branch that got robbed today, and I think the thought of Mom getting robbed is about five times more terrifying than if it were me.

Not the best ending to a day ever.
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