I have stopped whining now. Mostly. The sunburn's too painful not to whine at least a little, especially because it seriously amuses my entire family. And it's not like I would've found out Obama was in town while he was still in town, so I wouldn't have gotten to see him anyway! Plus Ren Fest was just so fun I can't help but be cheery about the whole thing.

It's a two hour drive, which was really nice because I like driving and L hates driving so it always works out. I really, really love long drives. I think at least a little bit of the anticipation for going was the drive, and the fact that I'd be the one driving.

We got there just as it opened at 10, and spent almost the whole day there. It was really, really big. I was surprised. I knew it was big, so I don't know why. It was very nice. I loved the shopping, and the shows were fun. L didn't want to play any games, but I wanted to try the bow and arrow. I never hit the target, but I always hit something. I consider that a resounding success! My arm was killing me by the last arrow.

First, here I am shooting some arrows. I couldn't stop laughing. Every time I tried to pull it back to shoot, the arrow would fall down.

I was always really pleased that I managed to get it back in place while I was shooting it. And that it was hitting the straw bales. Forcefully! Like I said, that was enough for me to consider it a success.

L loves sports, so her favorite part is the joust. I was mostly impressed with the fact that it was 88 degrees and those men were in full armor. When they took their helmets off afterwards, they both looked like they were about to die.

This guy was hysterically funny. I really loved him. He did a lot of really crazy things, but this was the craziest. He actually balanced on that tower for maybe... about ten seconds before he had to grab back on and then get down. Impressive!

And then of course the mud show. Ha! We were in the fifth row and we still got splattered a little. There went any possibility I'd be finishing my caramel apple (it had caramel with crumbled toffee. It was heaven on a stick!), but that's probably a good thing.

And finally, posing in the stocks. Not even that funny, but it was a perfect photo op. I got some of L too. Just fun. I'm actually surprised I don't look like I'm wincing--I was staring directly at the sun and I kept closing my eyes.

We left an hour before it closed because L had worn boots so her dress wouldn't drag on the ground. I wasn't really surprised that about two hours into the day, her feet started to hurt. At around 4:30, though, she was done. It took us about a half hour to get from where we were to the exit. She was just so slow because her feet hurt so bad. On the drive home, she took and look and there were four blisters already. Ouch! They were not pretty.

It was fun. It was really fun. I can't believe I have never been to one before! I am definitely going again next year.
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