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([personal profile] ikarit Aug. 31st, 2008 11:05 pm)

Barack Obama was in my hometown today and I was at the Renaissance Festival?

At the Renaissance Festival.

(Am now look like lobster.)

Why couldn't this have happened any other day? Any other?!

It was a fun day. A super fun day. I loved it. Fun, fun, fun.

It lasts months. I could've gone tomorrow! Augh! AUGH!

Also, might then not now look like lobster. Mom is vindicated. Has given panicked orders for sunscreen my whole life. Forget it one day and look what happens. LOBSTER.

Am lobster, in pain, L ended up with four blisters on her feet--WHY?!

Renaissance Festival > Sunburn + Blisters. L and I agree totally.

Renaissance Festival > Barack Obama? I... I... have to think about this. RenFest lasts MONTHS. MONTHS. AUGH.

Maybe I'll hold off posting again until I'm more rational, can accomplish complete sentences and... not in agonizing pain. I need more aloe vera.
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