It's kind of weird having a social life. In a good way. Still, weird. But despite the stress of a new job, which in the past would have me on the edge of a nervous breakdown and sent me rocketing into my room and remaining there for the next three months, I feel like doing stuff with people almost all the time. And more than wanting to, I'm actually doing it.

It doesn't help with the stress at all, but it's nice. Yesterday was my day off before finally starting at my new branch where I'll be working for... forever, hopefully, and I spent it out shopping with my friends, and making plans to go golfing with my friend K, her husband, and a couple other friends for K's birthday in two weeks.

Golfing. Seriously. But it'll probably be fun. I'll suck at it, but I don't mind that. And last weekend, I went to a baseball game. It was... nice. There were hot dogs. I'd have liked it better if the local team hadn't sucked so badly. And we hadn't been staring directly into the blinding sunlight, augh.

I'm not a completely new person or anything. Since I spent all of yesterday afternoon shopping and not hiding in my room like a turtle, I was pretty bitchy last night. I couldn't help snapping at people, and then of course I felt horrible, so I had to apologize more than once. But it's still better than being a turtle.

Today's gonna go fine, though. I feel pretty calm this morning. It's not like I thought it would go badly, but I just... get stressed. I think everyone does right before starting a new job. I've been in training for a week, but it was at another branch. My trainer was very nice, and my age, but she was pretty much the worst teacher possible for me. I mentioned that last week and said I might explain it a bit more, but I don't think I will. It just really doesn't matter at this point. I'm past it, and I did eventually learn everything, so I'm moving on.

I've got about an hour before I have to leave, and all I have left to do is pack something to eat for my break. That leaves like, fifty-five minutes for me to keep on relaxing. Maybe I'll go read on the porch for a bit.


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