So I promised [ profile] naatz a couple weeks ago that I would post something to my livejournal. There were accusations and dramatic statements ("If not for Delicious, I would've thought you were DEAD!"), and I was very intimidated. She refused to accept perfectly valid excuses ("I have nothing to post about! Follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I post there all the time!") and as usual with her, pushed me around until she got me to agree with her. (SO TRUE, I AM SO BULLIED.)

So Netta, I have posted! And am clearly not dead. ♥

Truthfully, it's not that I've been completely busy, although I have been a bit busier than usual. I'm still working at the credit union, still liking it quite a lot. Best part is that I like the job, I like my coworkers, and I like my boss. It's like the trifecta of a perfect job. I won't say it's what I want to do forever, but until I get a degree and find my dream job, it is definitely satisfactory!

Some parts of work have been a bit crazy, though. A couple months ago, I volunteered to be on the Relay For Life committee for our company and we're in the middle of planning and selling tickets for a chicken barbecue dinner. I'm the only one on the committee actually at the branch handling all the orders, so I'm kind of the go-to girl for everything as well as trying to keep things organized and hassle-free. I'm definitely not usually committee girl or volunteer girl even if I think it's a fantastic cause, but... well, it's a fantastic cause. We're going to have projects going on all year round, so hopefully we can keep up the momentum we've got going.

Other than that, hm. I had an epiphany the other day. I am a complete clothes horse. I don't know how it happened! I have a bunch of hoodies folded neatly on my floor because I have nowhere else to put them, and I am baffled as to where all these clothes came from. I keep telling people it's because I have my work clothes and then my casual, non-work clothes but since I usually don't bother to change when I come home from work, and I work five days a week, my mother is incredibly skeptical. She believes I need to get rid of about half of them, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I wear all of them! Well, most of them. At least half of them! And I spent money on all of them! I might wear them again someday! You never know when you might buy something that matches perfectly with something you bought three years ago but never wore because you didn't have anything to go with it.

...that happens a lot, actually. Hmm. Does anyone else buy something that you can't wear because you don't have anything to go with it because you think something at some point will go with it, and it'll be really cute? Anyone? I'm constantly grabbing things off clearance racks for that exact reason--if it's $4, why not buy it and then find something to go with it later?

That can't be just me.

It makes me kind of nostalgic. If I had been this obsessed with clothes back when I was in high school, I would've been a lot more popular. Oh, well!


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