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( Aug. 5th, 2008 05:53 pm)
So. I love my job. Okay, it is stressful and frustrating and I feel stupid when I make mistakes, but the new branch? Is wonderful. I really, really love it. In fact, I meant to post about how much I love it earlier, but I got distracted by my social life and... my job.

I have been in a good mood pretty much since I started a week ago. I was absolutely terrified I'd hate it, or be miserable, or wish like heck I'd never taken the job, but it's worked out amazingly.

My friend L told me way back when I took the job and was so worried I wouldn't like it as much, that just because I liked the job that I had didn't mean that I wouldn't like the new job just as much. So she knew what she was talking about.

In conclusion... yay!


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