Wow. Busy week for me! And it's still not over... I have tomorrow morning to work, still!

I was already working every day this week, because the head teller is on vacation, so it was extra hectic when I decided to apply to a job on Monday at a credit union in town because there'd be higher pay and more hours.

I squeezed in an interview on Tuesday, lucked out into taking their test online at home because it's the credit union my mom works at (otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to go in until next week), and found out this afternoon on my lunch break that I'd gotten the job.

Dad and I figured it out to be that at the very least, I will be making $440 more a month. At the very least. Possibly more. I love the bank I'm at, I really do. I'm finally starting to feel comfortable in the job, and I love my coworkers, and I have fun. But it's not enough money, and I hate that I have to work at Penney's to supplement my income. I couldn't afford not to apply, and I couldn't afford not to take the job.

It happened very fast, though. They didn't advertise the job, I only found out because, like I said, my mom is a teller there. She called me 40 minutes after the job got posted, and an hour later, I had an interview squeezed in before work the next day at 8:30.

And as a friend pointed out, just because I love where I'm at doesn't mean that I won't love it there too. So I'm... happy. Not just about the money, but because it's a great opportunity, and there's more room for advancement, and I honestly like their system better. If I had to choose between the two places to bank at, I'd choose the credit union. So there's that.

I'm nervous, but... excited. And I get to quit JCPenney! Yay! Thank god, really. My tentative start date is July 14th, depending on when they can start my training. My last day at Penney's will be the 11th, and my last day at the bank will be the 12th (might as well work that Saturday, give one of the other girls the day off...).

Big breath. Another change. Augh, I'm going to start stressing all over again. Just when I thought I was over the hurdle, I decide to jump a new one!


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