I doubt anyone remembers the asbestos incident at Penney's I posted about back in November, and I know I haven't posted about the other crappy things that happen there on a regular basis, but today is just another example of exactly how badly we need JCPenney to admit we need a new store building.

Giant holes in the ceiling and the elevators breaking down constantly (at least the freight elevator and the service elevator never break down at the same time--oh god, I've just jinxed it) are nothing compared to having our air conditioner stop working yesterday.

It's 84 degrees Fahrenheit downstairs and 89 degrees upstairs, and that's... livable (albeit miserable) except if you're in Replenishment like I am and your job consists of manual labor that's sweaty, tiring work even in air conditioning. I thought I was going to die. We lasted two hours before management told us we could go home because it was ridiculous to make us work in those conditions. When I left, the discussion was whether they'd even be able to open the store today.

I took a step outside, where it was not nearly as hot and windy to boot, and it was like heaven. Ahhh. I like heat, okay? I really like it. I don't use air conditioning in my car when I go anywhere, I'm fine with heat. But not if there's no AIR.

They're saying it might take three weeks to fix. Three weeks. In June. With no air conditioning and incredible humidity and thunderstorms. People are going to come in wet and it's NOT GOING TO EVAPORATE. Oh my god. It'll be hell.

And I'm going to be doing manual labor in it. Please kill me now.

To think, I'm going to be one of the lucky ones. I only work five hours a day twice a week!


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