...but I really don't care.

I am in a very, very cheerful mood today, and also a little amused with myself

It's really a lovely day, so warm and... well, raining occasionally, and okay, sure, incredibly windy and rather gray...

It's really a warm day today. I'm enjoying the warmth very much. I even took a walk! A really long one. Unfortunately, because I haven't been on a walk since last summer, I was limping by the time I got home, and I think I might be getting a blister. I need new walking shoes for real. I kind of want to go on another walk, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to make it around the block.

I love walks. I really, really love walking. I could walk for hours, and moreover, at this exact moment, I really want to walk for hours. Only... I think I'd have to exercise quite a lot before I'd be able to pull it off.

I feel kind of cheated. I sincerely want to exercise, but to exercise, I have to... exercise. And I think I'd need some kind of gym membership for that, and it wouldn't be any fun. Plus, those cost money and walking is free.

It is a quandary, and I am incredibly aggrieved with it. In a chipper sort of way.

Oh, and if anyone's wondering, the job is going well. I'm working at the bank three days a week, and at Penney's two days a week. I get to sleep in three days a week. I get off at noon three days a week. I get one Saturday off a month. I think I'm really, really going to like everything about all of it.

I've been annoyingly cheerful for the past week and a half, and I think I'm going to continue to be cheerful for some time to come.

And that makes me incredible happy.


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