Today was my first day as a teller. I started orientation on Tuesday, but today I actually started training. It was... kind of a relief. Orientation was boring, of course, but it was also incredibly overwhelming. There's so much to learn, and they weren't really explaining much. Just going over generalities. And using lots of acronyms I'd never heard before. And even if they'd told me what the acronyms stood for, I'd still have been lost so mostly I just went around really confused.

Today was better. There's still such a massive amount of things to learn, but actually seeing things done and getting an idea of how things flow helped a lot. I never doubted I could learn it--well, maybe a little, but now I can breathe a bit easier. Yes, it'll be hard and I'll be lost for a while, but my trainer is really great and she's explaining everything, and it's manageable. It's all manageable. This is great!

So, two weeks of training (not in the branch I'll be working at) and then start working at my bank branch on the 27th. Penney's gave me three weeks off, not sure when I'm going to be put back on the schedule.

Really, I feel so hugely relieved. I've been stressed, obviously, starting a new job is always stressful. And I was a little worried I'd signed up for something that would be really stressful and that in the end, I would hate doing. But I think I'll like it. So... obviously, the stress isn't going to go away, but the worry is absolutely gone. I'm going to like it, it's going to be hard but not overwhelming. I can do it.

So yay!


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