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( Feb. 17th, 2008 03:07 pm)
So, Interview #1 is over and done, and Interview #2 is coming up on Tuesday. Just when I thought I'd got through it! A bit nervously and stutteringly through it, but through it. And then she says they'll call back for second interviews, and I thought for sure I wouldn't, but then I did and gaaaaah.

At least that really expensive suit I bought will have been worth the money I spent. The second interview is with another person completely, in another branch of the bank, so I don't have to be embarrassed about wearing it again. Well, I'll be embarrassed anyway, but no one but me will know.

In the midst of this stress, I'm doing laundry and straightening up my room. That is, when I'm not obsessively reading Doctor Who fic. I really, really need to finish watching Series Two. I only have the last two episodes to go, and I just can't make myself watch them because auuuugh, the angst. I will bawl.

Instead, I will distract myself by finished season two of Numb3rs, which is a show I only started watching a couple weeks ago. I love Charlie and Don. I love fictional brothers in general! Two more episodes to go, and then I'm on to season three.

And I think I really need to stop drinking the giant bottle of Coca-Cola, because I'm not very used to large amounts of caffeine, and I seem to have the shakes. Plus, I'm pretty sure I'm rambling kind of incoherently. I'm also making a massive amount of typos and the only reason I'm catching them is the automatic spellcheck.

No more caffeine for me, seriously.


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