So it's not really a secret that what little involvement I had with anyone on livejournal has kind of petered out. That's partly my fault, mostly just change and growing apart. So when I post on here, it's almost always because I need to get something said. Not necessarily said to anyone, but just out there, in the world and not just stuck in my brain. I don't really have anyone at this point in my life who I can do that with. Honestly, I don't think I ever did. It's not that I'm a private person, because I'm really not. I just keep things inside and forget to let them out.

My point is that I do realize most of the people who have friended me don't actually read this journal, or care about the contents. Which is fine, and this is kind of my open invitation to defriend me if you like, no hurt feelings. I do read my friends list daily, even if I don't comment, so I'm not removing anyone but I thought I'd just give notice that if you don't really want to keep me friended and didn't want to hurt my feelings, don't worry. If you flock your entries, then I'd really appreciate it if you kept me on your flist, because like I said, I do read every entry on my flist, I just don't comment. If you're on my list, I care!

And then just delving into emotional stuff that doesn't really segue well from the previous paragraphs without seeming depressing and I'm not feeling depressed about any of it, just vague and detached )

I'm not sure how long it's been since I've used an lj-cut, but I'm hoping I still know how to do it right. The unburdening of my soul has helped, however, if one could call it unburdening. I think it's a little too general for that. But it helped, even if no one ever reads it.

And wow, now that I don't have a paid account and only six icons, I really need to pick some better ones than the random icons I've been left with. Hm.


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