One thing about having to get up at 5am every weekday is that I absolutely have to take sleep aids every one of those nights. Kind of can't afford to lie awake for hours upon end. And since my sleep aid has just been benedryl, that's eventually stopped working so well. I knew I'd get used to it and the effects would stop working, but I'd hoped that only taking it when I needed to get up for something specifically would make it last longer.

Still, I've been taking it for years and years, so it was bound to happen eventually. And it never worked all that well--it got me to sleep remarkably well, but I always wake up in the middle of the night at least once, sometimes twice. This week, it got bad. And I got desperate.

I couldn't stay asleep lately, but Wednesday night I was up half the night! I felt like a zombie Thursday. Wait, no. I think the description I used at the time was, "it feels like I'm walking through jello." All movement, through jello. Possibly even breathing. Adding to this problem is the fact that my job consists of physical labor; unpacking boxes, dragging carts, pulling racks, carrying piles of clothes (and I never discovered this until I worked with clothes, but while a piece of cloth is light, a pile of clothes is heavy). I needed caffeine for the drive home.

So last night, I read the bottle of benedryl. The warnings, specifically. And I took two pills (started as one, but that lost effectiveness AGES ago), waited a bit, then had a little bit of alcohol. Knocked out cold in a half an hour! And while I still woke up once, it was delayed! I stayed asleep from 9:30 until 4:30, baby! That was FANTASTIC. Since I wasn't waking up throughout the whole night, I slept more deeply than usual too. I rested for the last half hour, and I don't recall the last time I've ever been more rested since I started the new hours.

The only problem is that if I start self-medicating with alcohol, that can only lead to bad things. And I don't even like alcohol, so that's not a pleasant choice, much less a healthy one! So now that it's past the first of the year, and I have medical insurance again, I really have to make that doctor's appointment. Either he gives me a prescription for some kind of sleep aid, or he gives me an alternative for benedryl (which was his suggestion in the first place), because I cannot take it anymore.


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